Marvel not budging from Batman Vs Superman release date

News Simon Brew 13 Mar 2014 - 07:14

Marvel will release a movie on the same day as Batman Vs Superman, it seems...

Ready for a game of who's going to blink first? Back when Warner Bros moved the release date of Zack Snyder's Batman Vs Superman back to 2016, it chose a new release date of May 6th of that year.

May 6th 2016 however was also a date that Marvel had earmarked beforehand for the release of one of its movies. It had announced the date, but not what the film was going to be.

The feeling was that Marvel would probably shift its film by a week or two either side to avoid a big clash. But Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige insists that isn't the case. Chatting to Slashfilm, he said that "we're certainly keeping the date there and we'll announce what the movie is, I assume, in the next few months".

You'd suspect that for Marvel to stick so firmly to that date it'd be one of the studios' bigger releases. Batman Vs Superman is a film that could certainly take a chunk out of Marvel's revenues otherwise.

The question remains then: will either Marvel Studios or Warner Bros move their movie, or are we set for arguably the biggest release date clash in recent memory? Place your bets...


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I'm suddenly thinking that WB might need to do some "additional photography" for Batman goes to Superman's Slumber Party.

A new Batman film might beat whatever Marvel film is being released the same weekend (GotG2?) but if it's not very good, word of mouth will kill it and Marvel will reap the benefits. Looking at the balance of probability, pitting an unknown Marvel property against more Zack Snyder Superman dictates a slightly deeper money pool for a certain mouse to swim in.

Fight fight fight! My only concern with this is that I hope Marvel have worked out all the maths and that one potential flop (comparatively to their other pictures) wouldn't break the whole studio. Sure they have.

if it was any other DC movie then maybe it would be fine but SvB is already a juggernaut over 2 years out. I wouldn't open anything surrounding it. even if it was poor as you are fighting for the same audience.

Damn. I hate packed cinemas.

Seriously Marvel, I would move it. They're both going to lose money anyway if this happens. And WB won't move again considering they filled out their usual June/July date with another film of theirs.

it'll be that Dr Strange movie, and it'll flop and neither star Nick Cage or Kevin Feige will work again.

Nah. Marvel couldn't possibly have crap ideas.

They should make a TV show. Maybe about SHIELD agents. Get Joss Whedon to do it.

I'll be seeing both, although Superman vs Batman wouldn't be the priority. More intrigued by Marvel's overall plan than WB/DC's, but they'll both be on my list of films to see.

Marvel will get my money. After the shocking MoS film, i'm keeping my money away from DC/WB.

My guess is it will be a sequel, Cap or Thor 3. I doubt Marvel will start two less known series in a row, since Ant-Man is the film before.
For me it will be both or Marvel on release day. Batman/Superman is more intriguing than a want to watch, however Marvel is a must watch. Only reason I saw Man of Steel on release day was because my birthday was the day before.

It'll be like the good old days of Oasis versus Blur all over again. And that was a massive PR boon to both bands. Of course, buying singles is not the same as going to the cinema, but the newspaper inches (blog pixels?) you'd get from branding them as a rivalry might pay off. And certainly, if Thor 3 / Cap 3 / Cap/Ms Marvel (we can hope) comes second to the Justice League juggernaut but still rakes it in, that's no loss to Marvel Studios.

I didn't realise we were only allowed to see one film a week :/

That'll be an all afternoon/early evening double bill for me then :).

Nothing wrong with two (hopefully) good films coming out at the same time, although I suspect one will get moved - probably the Batman/Superman one, due to "logistical complications".

Finally, a valid reason to go to the cinema twice in one weekend :-)

eh? Nick Cage isn't in it.

But you don't have or know how to run a movie studio, so I wouldn't worry about it. Let them make the films and you watch them.

Classic Marvel. They've always had a policy, from Stan's day forward, of embracing the differences between them and their rivals and revelling in the chaotic joy of jumping with both feet into a competitors' plans and ideas.

I sure can't watch 2 in one weekend. I'd be broke! Er!

Smart move by Marvel, BvS will flop anyway.

By 2016 cinema audiences will have suffered "super-hero" fatigue and neither film will do very well.

Pretty certain that's what someone said a couple of years ago ............. and a couple of years before that .......... and before that. Still not happened though.

Since it won't be iron man vs hulk, which would be awesomazing, I suspect their best bet would be Cap 3. Surely it'll have the same boost IM3 did from IM2 and Avengers, but about Cap 2 and Avengers 2... So I suspect Death of Captain America. And it will topple the World's Finest... DC heroes.

Agreed. I think Marvel are calculating on a decent gamble that any Marvel movie will be a good bet against even the biggest DC hitters.
I do find it funny that people say that one flop by Marvel will kill the studio AND superhero movies in one foul swoop. If that were the case, how come the Green Lantern movie didn't kill DC and Warners hmmmm? It flopped in comparison to any Marvel movie around the time.
Also, lets not forget that the first Thor movie did not do stellar box office either, and yet it didn't put people off from seeing The Avengers.
So I think Marvel and superhero movies are gonna be ok for quite a while yet.

I wonder, what would happen if Marvel and DC had a fight?

Marvel VS DC

I'm still waiting for an Robocop VS Terminator, Judge Dredd VS Batman, Superman VS the Amazing Spider-man and Spider-man VS Wolverine movies!

I wouldn't be surprised if Superman-Batman doesn't get made in its current shape anyway.

lol Marvel doesn't have to do anything to make DC look bad, they do that by themselves.

Except the issue here is, it's Batman and Superman on screen for the first time together. It would HAVE to be a big deal Marvel film, an Ant-Man or Guardians level release wouldn't cut it. Even Thor 3 would struggle, since his solo films have been average at best. It's gotta be Cap 3.

Of course if they get Jason Statham to join London Has Fallen, it would annihilate both films on it's inevitable Titanic/Avatar level run.

In my mind I have already dismissed Superman-vs-Batman as rubbish and don't care about it. (Although I'm certain it will be a massive hit).

All of the Marvel films so far have been great though and I am excited to think that they might put up a major event picture to compete against DC. What would be truly awesome is a Marvel 'vs' film, such as X-Men vs Fantastic Four, or Avengers vs. X-Men, or something in that vain.

In an ideal world it would be Spiderman vs. somebody but we all know that can never happen now.

Most likely it will just be Dr. Strange or some other 2nd-tier hero.

Another I'd really like to see is CAPTAIN BRITAIN.

Um, it's already being filmed isn't it? Or has started filming?

The Disney/Marvel Studios movies are SO overrated, especially for an older viewer versed in classic 60s and 70s Marvel comics. The CGI and production design just looks unconvincing and very plastic to me. They're not very cinematic. The Marvel Spider-man and X-Men movies produced by Sony and Fox are better, but I'd prefer to watch a proper Batman and Superman film any day of the week.

Daredevil is my all-time favourite Marvel character and he's getting a hard-assed TV series. As long as that turns out okay, I'm not bothered about The Avengers.

MOS is the greatest superhero-film ever while I have yet to see a decent Marvel-film...

Have fun while Superman & Batman makes 2 billion dollars!

Each to their own, but it doesn't say much about your taste in films.

You fail at trolling.

Cap 2 & Muppets!

Snyder's Watchmen: Watchmen's Superman renders superheroes irrelevant

Snyder's Superman: Superman's Superman renders superheroes irrelevant

Interchange as you will....

Key scene to think in how rubbish its going to be, Supes destroys the drone and tells you that there is no point spying on him....Good luck getting the upperhand on him Batman.

Oh, and was it true that Christian Bale was first offered the role of Batman? So it looks like they didnt have a clue of what direction this is going. Could we continue the TDK trilogy with that Batman? Ok, we cant lets go with Affleck....ugh...

Sorry had to get that out of my system, TDK trumps all but Im looking forward to the next 5 Marvel movies... they are trying things with Antman and GotG that seem more interesting and less cynical(while obviously aiming to make the big bucks).... Batman vs Superman just seems like a money spinner, that makes sense to movie producers who dont understand the movies or the comics.

I don't see this ending well as well for Marvel as Warners as their film has Batman in it. He's the only superhero to make a billion dollars with his films, on his own, TWICE!
Marvel may surprise us with an Iron Man 4 or the Hulk film that everyone wants post Avengers but there will be fatigue of their universe by that point from the constant two films a year release schedule.

I will bet that whatever Marvel will put there will do better than Superman vs Batman...

Superman VS Spider-Man would be a pretty short film methinks.

"I'm Spider-" THWACK
"Oh, look, Superman killed Spider-Man without even thinking about it."

... I'd still watch that short though, to be fair.

DC is Oasis in this analogy, presumably?

Obviously it's a big risk, but I'm wondering if Marvel are looking at this as the ultimate test of their brand name. Their film a film featuring lesser known characters wouldn't need to beat a behemoth like Superman/Batman, just do well against it, especially if that film has a few surprises for the fans. This could be some sneaky, canny thinking from the House of Ideas.

It may have the character Batman in it but not the actor. So I still think Marvel would do pretty damn well against them.

Key scene to think in how rubbish its going to be, Supes destroys the drone and tells you that there is no point spying on him....Good luck getting the upperhand on him Batman.

The eternal debate.
When Batman vs Superman was announced, they referenced The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman uses his smarts to "defeat" Superman. The script may have changed since then, but I have a feeling Henry Cavill's inexperienced Superman will have some arrogance that may be exploited.

Actually the first Thor Movie made $181,030,624 in America and $449,326,618(worldwide) on a budget of $150,000,000 (estimated). It nearly tripled its budget on what it grossed and usually anything that doubles its budget is considered a hit. Its all on IMDB, which is normally accurate.

Here's hoping that the inner turmoil of killing Zod will alter his ability to inflict death upon another person hence he'll hold back in the fight with batman and batman will exploit that. in fact I think that's one of the weaknesses Bruce refers to when battling Clark although I could be wrong because it's a while since I read the Dark Knight Returns.

I'm betting it'll be a third Thor film. Marvel seem to have a routine of sequel, new franchise, sequel, new franchise going on and Thor 3 would fit the sequel slot. It'll also have been three years (okay, two and a half if we're being picky) since The Dark World. The Dark World left on a nice cliffhanger for a sequel and I'm hoping for Ragnarok. Also, from a purely financial perspective now that Iron Man is retired for the forseeable future, Thor is their biggest franchise, aside from Avengers, obviously.

So, yes, Thor vs. Superman/Batman.

That's got all the makings of a good beat em up ... come on game makers, give us the game we deserve!!

Superman could do that to most Superheroes.

Marvel will get the dough. Marvel have reliability on their hands and sadly the only advantage DC have is Henry Cavill (*swoon*).

They are good idea's alright, I'm just being cranky and cynical about this endeavour. The thing with the dark knight returns is it has a pre-established relationship between batman and superman, with a sort of understanding like superman respects Bruce but feels guilty. Also considering this is a Man of Steel sequel, superman is a god and an extraterrestrial, they were pretty explicit in that, but also that he hasn't sided with any one nation. I just think batman is such an insignificant part of this story, you would have to give him the nuke he had in Rises to give him any clout.

I wasn't impressed with man of steel although it had a lot of good ideas, I just think Nolan left batman movies in a good place and that's not a place where studio's can restart a franchise so they have thrown out the rule book. What I think and it may sound crazy but continue from batman begins as a template and continue down that road as start, bring in the penguin or the riddler and have the man of steel stuff happening in the distance but parallel, let batmans stuff happen under the radar until their paths cross.

What do you think?

Why would Marvel be worried? This is clearly going to be a turd.

Geeks all over the world will make a big thing out of watching both on opening night. I reckon I will, too.

Depends which film it is. If it's Thor 3, Batman/Superman will probably stand a chance. If it's something more interesting then I reckon they'll wipe the floor with poor old Snyder.

Exactly. It's only a showdown as far as numbers, either way we win

As Stan Lee put it quite elegantly, "In any fight between two superheroes, the superhero who wins is the superhero the writer WANTS to win." Even Aquaman could theoretically beat Superman with a clever enough plan and enough preparation.

I dunno about that, actually. Think about it: for every guy who loves Batman and Superman there's a girl who loves Loki. I think with Thor 3 and Batman/Superman, it would come down to which movie is actually better and receives better Word Of Mouth.

Captain America is probably going to be even bigger.

Good point. Though Digital Spy are saying the film's supposed to be Captain America 3... so Batman vs Superman will probably definitely stand a chance.

I believe so

Well, at this point, it's been confirmed that Cap 3 is taking the slot, so I'd like to sheepishly retract my earlier statements, if I could.

So stupid. It just splits the audience. Massive fans of both franchises will probably see both in a week, but your casual audience viewer does not want to be in a cinema twice within a week. It will split both revenues and make the films 'underperform'. Films are a business at the end of the day, and I don't mean that cynically, more that a good talented creative project deserves to be seen and for its makers to be rewarded. In this situation, whoever publicly claimed the date first should have the right to it, and the other party is a dick.

True, I just have a particularly satisfying GIF-style image of him flickiing Spidey into oblivion with one super finger going round in my head...

Maybe it will turn out that Aquaman's entire silly career has been an elaborate ruse, and he's actually been secretly plotting to take out Superman the whole time with the most fiendishly clever plot in comics history.

... maybe.

I thought about this last night and I agree the 'Batman vs Superman' needs to be the final act but Batman needs to start with his own battle as does supes which culminates in supes getting in Batman's way one too many times. Once Batman realises that Clark is going to put a stop to what he's doing he hatches his plan to teach him a lesson. It would be good to see a Batman that uses his brains and his brawn to outwit and defeat Superman, or at least give him something to think about. DC should use this as a way to 'shape' Superman for future movies. Maybe the battle between Bats and Supes is what makes them friends going forward?

Aquaman invented the sharknado...


I'm sure you, and most people here as fans of films/superheros etc., will be more than willing to see both on opening weekend - but people in general don't go to the cinema twice in the same week.

Haha, comment retracted

As a Spidey fan since about 6 years old, I'd respectfully suggest that while he couldn't go toe-to-toe with Superman, he'd be faster and stronger than Batman, and have the scientific nous to make Kryptonite webbing and then kick Superman's ass...or at least be able to give him a decent fight. Hey, if Batman can beat Superman then (even allowing for the fact that Batman beats everyone) Spider-man at least has a chance!

Haha fair enough, I've never been much of a Spider-Man fan, mostly because (as you can see from my helmet) we're often mistaken for one another.

+50 points for Kryptonite webbing though! :)

This clash is massively frustrating. The IMAX only has one screen and both of these films will be very popular. Splitting IMAX time between the two will make it very difficult to see the film near release date!

But it would be out for several months, they aren't just going to avoid the film because it came out on the same day as another film and at the end of the day it is the final figure that people will look back on before looking at opening week figures.


Krull is the greatest fantasy movie ever while I have yet to see a decent Tolkien film...

Well, after the last Thor movie I'm ready to give Marvel a miss, too.

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