Karen Gillan on her Guardians Of The Galaxy role

News Glen Chapman 13 Mar 2014 - 06:32

Karen Gillan has been chatting about her villanous role in James Gunn's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie...

Karen Gillan is one of the many fine actors that form the impressive ensemble cast for Marvel's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. In the film she'll play one of the villains - Nebula - and whilst attending SXSW over the past few days, she has been chatting about the role.

Speaking to MTV, she said that "I always had total faith in the project, because the people who are making it are so brilliant, and have a long history of great films. So I knew it was in great hands. I just think it’s a new direction for Marvel, it’s really, really funny. It’s not taking itself seriously at all. It’s tongue in cheek. And just to see people be excited about that new tone is cool".

Gillan went on to address the humour of her character, saying that "okay, so Nebula does not find herself funny. I find her hilarious. But she can’t find herself hilarious, that’s not scary".

She concluded by discussing something that was only shown briefly in the trailer, her showdown with Zoe Saldana's Gamora.  "Yeah, there’s a big girlie fight sequence, but it’s not that girlie. They made sure there weren’t any nice pirouettes or anything like that. She’s really experienced in the physical stuff, she was a ballerina. She’s really amazing at all of that stuff. She barely required any rehearsal, she was like, ‘I can do this.’ I required two months of rehearsals every day that I wasn’t shooting, because I looked like spaghetti when I started. [The battle itself] is the integral one for my character, because it’s not just a physical battle. Their relationship goes very deep, and there’s a huge history between them. So there’s a lot more to it than just the physical".

Guardians Of The Galaxy arrives in cinemas on August 1st.


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Nebula is likely to be a prominent character in the story considering her relationship with Gamora and Thanos but i don't have much expectation of her surviving the movie since it would be important to establish how lethal Gamora is as a character and her battle with Nebula looks quite fundamental to that.I'd really like to see Karen in another Marvel movie though because i do think she has a lot of ability as an actress and doesn't get the credit she deserves from many Doctor Who fans because they found her characters storyline to be contentious.I'm totally fed up with actresses' involved with Doctor Who not getting the recognition they deserve for their work on the programme in the rest of the entertainment industry and hope Karen's career is evidence that Doctor Who is getting more respect elsewhere now.

Guardians Of The Galaxy doesn't look comparable with anything else that Marvel has made or will make though and looks completely different from anything else in its genre.I'm enjoying how it contrasts with Captain America;The Winter Soldier particularly.Really excited to see James Gunns' work,writing and directing this too.

It's like 3 Days of the Academy, but in the same movieverse

Either that was humour of some kind or i need a translator.Alternatively.i may even need a larger sense of humour or a grouchy space raccoon with heavy artillery.

Whoa! Too early in the morning, thanks! Editing now

You're Welcome.

I must say though, Eccleston as Malekith ring a bell? Too much makeup, that'll stunt her growth in the industry. Saldana can do whatever, she's the go to girl in sci fi

Something borrowed,Something Blue.I liked Ecclestons' work in The Dark World,he didn't have much to work with but he did bring his obligatory prescence and intensity for the film,for me.At least there was the consolation of a big fight with Chris Hemsworth at the climax ,in London.I could certainly use less portals in stories from now on though considering how well used they've been in Avengers Assemble and The Dark World recently.Saldanas had big box office in her career so far and that still counts for a lot but i'd much rather see Gillan in another Marvel movie,i think.I like Doctor Who,Star Trek and Marvel.Loud and proud.

Well assuming she survives this film, we should see more of her in the future. The thought of Any villain having the continuity of Loki is exciting at the very least.

It's not impossible considering Thanos' involvement in future Avengers storylines but it seems highly unlikely since nobody usually survives fighting with Gamora.I know she would kill as Medusa in an Inhumans movie.I think it's one and done with this character in this film with all the tonsorial hassle.

"Fine actors"? I don't mind her, but I never though Karen Gillan was that great an actor on Doctor Who. Maybe I'll be proved wrong seeing her in a different role.

I can see Gamora beating Nebula to within and inch of her life and then sparing her so she can beat her again later. :)

Yeah that sounds right

Did you watch Doctor Who 'The Girl Who Waited'? That was most definitely a doubley fine performance

She maybe wasn't the most consistent performer but her performances could be really good. She was the heart and soul of the show in a number of the episodes such as Vincent and The Doctor and Amy's Choice. I won't put her talent in the same category as Saoirse Ronan or Mia Wasikowska who are of a similar age but she does have the potential to go far if she can get the right roles.

For somebody who was not that great on Doctor Who supposedly,quite a few people seem to have been impressed by a lot of her stories apparently.

Her first season on Who, she seemed to be limited to googley eyed shock or pouting, but as the show went on she did seem to improve as an actor.

Didn't think there was much googly eyed shock and pouting when she played Amys' reaction to Rory's deaths in 'Amy's Choice' or 'In Cold Blood' or during her wedding reception in 'The Big Bang' in her first season but it's all subjective.Some peoples opinions about the quality of her acting in Doctor Who are usually coloured by their opinions of her characters storylines.Many people label Amy as miserable for example as a consequence of what happened to her character in her second year.

Oh!My translator is working now.You were pointing out that the contrast between The Winter Soldier and Guardians is like the difference between 3 Days of The Condor and Police Academy but the characters are all part of the same story.No need to be afraid of the heavily armed Raccoon then.Possibly.Hope you might perhaps be considering attending a screening of Under The Skin for your entertainment then now it's on general release.

Nah, near nudity makes me wanna see more. Seriously. I avoid it.

I like that when aliens visit Earth they have a preference for Scottish men according to Under The Skin and Devil Girl from Mars.Probably wise,she is happily married now.

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