New posters: The Raid 2, Maleficent, Godzilla

Poster Simon Brew 11 Mar 2014 - 06:28

Our latest poster round-up stars a double dose of Angelina Jolie, the latest The Raid 2 promo, and a new Godzilla one-sheet...

We've not done a poster round-up for a little bit, and felt very guilty about it. With that in mind, here's the latest collection of freshly released one-sheets for upcoming movies.

First up, Disney has released a pair of posters for its upcoming Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie. We wonder, off the back of the two new pictures, whether a new trailer may be imminent. But for now, here at the posters...

Over in the US meanwhile, there's a new poster for Gareth Evans' upcoming The Raid 2 that's popped up at Entertainment Weekly. Note that the film has dropped the Berandal subtitle in America, as it has in the UK. We get the film over here in April.

Finally, visitors to SXSW, the posh event taking place in the States at the moment, have been treated to a new limited Godzilla poster. Which has now appeared everywhere online. We'd had not to get in on the action, so here it is...

More on all of these films soon...!

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That Godzilla poster looks like a GCSE art project.

I can't stop thinking of Clayface from Batman:The Animated Series when I look at it, for some reason.

I am so Meh for Malefcient. it's unbelievable! I actually like the Godzilla one seems retro

Really like the Godzilla one - the hand drawn art style and the shades expressionism in the design (the skyline of the buildings for example) really nods to the 50s and the origins of Godzilla (as does keeping the katakana name on the poster too).

It also doesn't reveal the 'real' monster in a spoilery way, but it does visually get over the idea that Godzilla is a destructive force of nature akin to a disaster. Very nice.

Alex C the next time your local secondary school GCSE art students put on an exhibition let me know I'd love to come and see it!

Totally agree. Too many film posters come across as badly photo shopped. I really like the symbolic look of the poster and it seems like they're willing to take a lot of artistic risks with the film.

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