Akiva Goldsman on the abandoned I Am Legend 2

News Glen Chapman 13 Feb 2014 - 06:24
Will Smith in I Am Legend

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has been talking about the I Am Legend prequel that never was...

You don't need us to tell you that I Am Legend received a mixed reception upon its release in 2007. Many were unhappy, for good reason, that the film did little to honour the source material. Then there was the dodgy CG in the second half of the film. On the upside, the first half - with Will Smith seemingly left alone on Earth - was great. And even with the response being mixed, the film made a decent profit. It took $585m at the box office alone from a $150 million budget. Talk of a sequel, in spite of some difficulties with how the first film ended, soon followed.

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has been chatting about a proposed prequel whilst promoting his directorial debut A New York Winter's Tale. He told io9 "oh, we tried. There were scripts. We really tried... we wrote a prequel and a sequel. We had a really interesting prequel, which was the first outbreak of the virus, during a Thanksgiving Day parade, which was awesome". He added that "we did a really interesting prequel that [took place] later. Which was right after the first... Really right when the population of humans became pretty decimated. And it was sort of a trek to Washington. Which included a dark seeker elephant that had broken out of a zoo".

Dark seeker elephant then? Crikey.

The I Am Legend sequel/prequel/insanityfest ultimately never happened, and never will. It almost seems a pity too...


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Leaky leaky scripty scripty? The elephant sounds brilliant.

There needs to be more evil live action elephants.. Dem eyes!

I think we dodged a bullet there.

Wasn't World War Z the prequel to this?

Elephant turns tusks upside down, frowns, becomes vampelephant.

Am i the only one who thinks a demon elephant is cool...?

It is one of the best books ever written..two major films have tried and failed to do it justice...Either read the book or watch Vicent Price to it

I Am Legend was a travesty, but that's what happens when you listen to idiotic test audiences. Glad it's dead and buried, maybe one day we'll get a decent version.

Who cares? Will Smith hasn't made a decent film in ten years and that's only if you count I Robot. Just found out that Will is actually short for Willard, which made me snort and choke on my drink. Sack your agent and stop letting your kids pick your films for you...

Am I allowed to say I loved the original ending? As in, the ending they shot first, that's on the DVD? I realise it still mightn't honour the book, but at least it made sense. I KNEW something was up with the abrupt left-hand turn in the climax when i saw it in the theatre...
But that shot, of Smith looking shocked with the pictures of all the people he's killed behind him? Genius.

The proper ending, when Smith realises that he's actually the villain, would have been great. Unfortunately the test audience didn't get it.

Yes. At least it's on the DVD for peeps to watch. If i lend the movie to anyone, I take out the theatrical cut so their experience isn't sullied ;-)

*Not my pic*(sorry for size)
but i always think of it now when discussing this film

I don't get why people get so hung up on original source material. Loyalty can be so rigid and misplaced at times :/. I am Legend was a good film. It was evocative, absorbing, exciting, and extremely touching. No other film is like it.

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