Latest poster for Need For Speed and 300: Rise Of An Empire

Poster Simon Brew
17 Jan 2014 - 06:45

Cars, blood and shouting, as we bring you the new posters for Need For Speed and 300: Rise Of An Empire...

Here we've got a couple of posters for some early 2014 big releases. First up, it's the latest poster for the incoming big screen take on the Need For Speed videogame adaptation. The film is headlined by Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper, and it will have some cars in it that go quite fast. Here's the new poster for it - note that the movie is getting a 3D release too...

And then there's the latest poster for 300: Rise Of An Empire. This film will have fewer fast cars in it, but we confidently expect that to be offset by lots of shouting, blood and testosterone. The movie's already been classified 15 in the UK, by the way.

300: Rise Of An Empire lands on March 7th, whilst Need For Speed turns up the week after, on March 12th.

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