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Costner has been chatting about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and some roles he has offered in his prime.

Kevin Costner is an actor we're quite fond of here at Den of Geek, for obvious reasons. After being absent from cinema for some time, he's returning in a big way of late with a steady increase in the number of roles he's been taking - 2014 is proving to be his busiest year since his prime.

One of the films he'll be appearing in is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which will see him star alongside Chris Pine who will be playing Jack Ryan, a role Costner was offered many years ago.

Here's what Costner had to say about passing on the role back in the early 1990s.

“I was offered the Jack Ryan series back in the very beginning, and I couldn't do it. I think it was Hunt For Red October was the first one. I couldn't do it because I had already postponed Dances With Wolves for one year, and now I had a chance to do this Red October but I had already assembled this crew and I'd put my money into it, and then they offer me really a lot of money, more than I had ever seen to do Hunt For Red October, and I said, 'You know, "no" doesn't mean more, it's just no.'"

Costner also spoke of another role he was offered in his 80s pomp, and one which he's now connected to in this new chapter of his career - that of the Man of Steel himself.

“I might have been offered Superman 25 years ago. But you can tell 25 years have passed because they offer you Superman's dad.”

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is released on the 24th January 2014.


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