Shakespeare In Love and Rounders sequels planned

News Simon Brew
17 Dec 2013 - 07:00

Good Will Hunting and Flirting With Disaster are set for TV shows, as movie sequels to Rounders and Shakespeare In Love are lined up.

A new deal struck by The Weinstein Company is to allow Harvey and Bob Weinstein to sort through the rubble of their previous entity, Miramax. And that specifically includes picking up the rights to older titles, to allow them to make sequels and television spin-offs.

Films first, and amongst the planned projects are Shakespeare In Love 2, and Rounders 2. It sounds like the latter is closer to fruition than the former, with Harvey Weinstein revealing that "I've discussed making Rounders 2 with Matt Damon, and I would say that's going to be instantaneous. The guys [that'd be writers David Leven and Brian Koppelman] have a great idea, a way to make it more international where you start the card game in Paris, that's all I want to say".

The plan is to get Edward Norton back for Rounders 2 as well, with Robert De Niro stepping into the villain role.

With regards television plans, both Good Will Hunting and Flirting With Disaster have thus far been mentioned. We suspect plans for those two are not as far advanced, although it's little secret that The Weinstein Company is targeting television more and more now (Scream, for example).

There aren't too many more details at the moment, but it's all bound to, er, put a smile on your face...


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