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16 Dec 2013 - 06:48
Indiana Jones

Star Wars: Episode VII is a lot, lot closer to fruition than Indiana Jones 5 is...

A few brief updates regarding the next Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies popped up at the end of last week, courtesy of a 'Dealmakers Breakfast' that was hosted by Variety. A 'Dealmakers Breakfast'? Is it just us that sounds like slow torture to? What's wrong with a cup of coffee or six, badly burned toast, and a nice chat?

Still, perhaps that's why we don't get movie news stories over breakfast and Variety does. Specifically, Disney chairman Alan Horn went to theirs, whilst we had trouble even persuading our not very active cat to hang around at ours.

Variety's editor, Marc Graser, Tweeted out a few updates from their Weetabix-laden pow-wow then. On Star Wars: Episode VII first, it looks like the budget for the new movie will top the $200m mark. Furthermore, the screenplay for the movie is expected to be in place in January.

As for Indiana Jones 5, Disney now has full control of that movie, having picking up the remaining rights from Paramount last week. But that doesn't mean there's been much more progress than that. "We haven't done anything", Horn admitted. "We don't have a story. We need a story". His estimate is that it will be at least two to three years before we see another Indiana Jones movie, possibly longer.

Given that Harrison Ford is 71 now, albeit a young 71, it's going to be interesting when this project does finally get off the ground. Disney, at the very least, finally seems to be interested in it...


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