Tom Hanks talks playing a bad guy

News Glen Chapman 16 Dec 2013 - 07:22
Tom Hanks looking a bit worried at the less-than-heavenly performance of the sequel to The Da Vinci Code.

Don't expect Tom Hanks to be playing a movie villain anytime soon...

It's safe to say that Tom Hanks is firmly established as one of Hollywood's nice guys – something that applies off screen as well as in his sizeable back catalogue of roles. He hasn't really played an out and out bad guy (the nearest he veered was arguably The Road To Perdition) and from the sounds of things he has little interest in doing so.

In a recent interview with Total Film, he said that "look, playing bad, I am not interested, ever". But why? "I don't want to see bad guys who are just bad, you know? Why are they bad? There are evil villains out there like, I don't know, Iago, that are intriguing to play. But bad guys do not look bad – they are like you or me. You could have a knife in your shoe, you know?"

Hanks went on to comment on his nice guy image, saying that "there's no substitute for absolute, complete, honesty. There are people out there that lie very easily. I refuse to accept that. If you lie to me, you're going to be in big trouble".

We will never lie to Tom Hanks. Not expect him in a Die Hard sequel...

Total Film

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Cloud Atlas

In cloud atlas he plays a variety of characters. Some are on the darker side of grey. I think what he's saying in the interview is that he would never play a villain that doesn't have grey areas that the audience can identify with.

Indeed. And I fear it may be strange experience if he were to do that. But was certainly fun to see him portraying a character like that, albeit woven into a multi-persona narrative.

Tom Hanks as the sidekick of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, imagine that!

He was kind of the bad guy in Tory Story for the middle section of the film (when he was giving Buzz a hard time), he was the foil to the anti-hero of Catch Me If You Can, he started off You've Got Mail as a semi-bad guy but was nice by the end and you already mentioned Perdition. That's about as bad as he gets normally.

I think he was closer to a villain in Cloud Atlas then in Perdition. He was a doctor (among other characters) who was deliberately poisoning a man .

Didn't he say at one point he wanted to play a villain in a superhero movie?

I did hear him talk about wanting to play a Batman villain once. But I can't imagine that happening.

The Ladykillers?

Tom Hanks would probably be a great bad guy, would love to see him as someone like Lex Luthor

He was also a quasi-antagonist (or a least a bit of a jerk) in "A League of Their Own."

Good one.

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