Update on the current status of Fast & Furious 7

News Glen Chapman 12 Dec 2013 - 06:29

Re-writes are happening that may enable Fast & Furious 7 to go back before the cameras in January...

It was recently announced that Fast & Furious 7 was on an indefinite hiatus, following the tragic death of star Paul Walker. It was up in the air as to how Universal would proceed, with the idea of starting from scratch seeming like a viable option. That was perceived to be an easier way to move forward, rather than trying to re-work what they had filmed already. Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, would still feature, but obviously not to the extent they had originally planned.

The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that screenwriter Chris Morgan has been charged with attempting to salvage what he can in the form of script revisions. Said revisions would use as much as possible from currently shot footage, whilst retiring Walker’s character from the series in an appropriate manner. It can’t be an easy task but it looks like a form of mitigation to prevent a $150m insurance claim that would stand as one of the biggest in Hollywood history.

Universal is keen to state that there will still be a Fast & Furious 7 and all involved could return as early as the end of January to either finish or start over depending on what is considered to be the best way forward. Universal is also still planning an eighth instalment which is little surprise given just how much of a successful franchise this is for the studio.

It's worth noting that it's still keeping the release of the 11th July 2014 at this point but it's surely only a matter of time before that changes. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes has already been moved forward to that slot so Fox clearly feels or knows that Fast & Furious 7 will miss the release.

The Hollywood Reporter

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A great way to proceed and honour Paul while still keeping the character would be a Michael knight style reconstructive surgery story so that another actor could take on the lead. This way they could ensure Pauls character has an on screen funeral and the send off he diserves. However I am not sure if this is actually a good idea or bad taste.

That would be hard to pull off but who knows what footage they have so far.

I feel that it would be best if the character were to also die allowing for a cathartic funeral scene where goodbyes could be said by the rest of the cast. If done well it could be a wonderful tribute and very moving.

good idea

I agree completely, in some respect I think that it would fit in with the story line of Jason Statham's character seeking revenge for the death of his brother. This would spur the rest of the team on in the story.

Plus like you say I think it would be a great way to honour his memory and allow not just the cast could say their goodbyes to the character Brian O'Conner as well as Paul Walker himself.

Still very much saddened by the death of Paul Walker personally I have to be honest....

How about a twist in the story where after Brians death, his "hole" in the team is replaced by The Stath.

if they were to kill him, I think it should be off screen... one way would be to use footage of Paul Walker going into a building i.e his home, then a moment later Statham (or a gang of masked individuals) walks out, no fuss, no noise, no hint to how he was killed. Stath can then call up Diesel and say I'll give you time for the funeral and then I am coming for you...

Not sure his family would see it that way having to watch him have a 2nd funeral.

In the films, he has a family. They need to send him off to be with his family, not kill him off. They could have Dom making sure he lives that life behind to be with Mia and his son. To have him die on screen, It's too much like real life events and would seem in very bad taste.

I'm of two minds on this. If done right, it could be incredibly moving (and likely very profitable) to have the film be a tribute to Paul Walker and feature his character's passing in a way that allows the cast and his fans to say goodbye with grace. It could also provide a good amount of drama and material for future films.

That doesn't deal with the matter of his real-life family he leaves behind, and if done poorly (and/or without his family's blessing) it could be seen as the worst case of exploiting a film star's death ever.

I hope it's done well and with his family's blessing and we get to continue enjoying these films that Walker helped make so entertaining.

A subtler story ( and for his real life family ) far more sensitive exit is required.
I favour the story where his character and his family are written out of the show to protect their newborn child, and a note is left for the rest of the team explaining those characters' exit from the film.
The on screen team all nod in agreement, raise a drink in his honour over the dinner table at the end of the film, the film then ends, and a memorial screen/montage is shown for 30-60 seconds before the end credits role.
Dignified, respectful and poignant.

i'm of two minds use cgi or lookalike to bring a suitable exit for the character. ( alive or dead ) or kill Brian on screen in a high speed moment ( not chase, no plot ) and use it to highlight speeding . as at the end it would normally say please dont try this at home kinda thing. and if his death ( real death ) could be used to save others or warn others and this has his families blessing then that might be the way.

p.s i think like the dark knight it will be a huge film as people will want to see how the character is retired and see paul walkers last screen time much in the same way alot went to see heath ledger last major screen time. . also for the movie id like to see the guy from tokyo drift come back. ( lucas something )

No real good options but here is a possible scenario. Since Tokyo drift appears to happen AFTER Fast & Furious 6, they should have Walker die as a hero in the current filming, and then bringing in Sean from Tokyo drift to help save the day. Seems as if the last couple of films have included everyone but him. Plus at the end of F&F 6 they reference back to Tokyo Drift and show Han's death.

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