Freddie Mercury biopic now has director and star attached

News Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 06:16

Ben Whishaw is to take on the role of Freddie Mercury in the long-gestating biopic of the late Queen front man...

Earlier this year, Sacha Baron Cohen dropped out of the planned biopic of Freddie Mercury, leaving the producers with a sizeable problem. Who could convincingly step into the shoes of the legendary Queen lead singer? The answer, it seems, is Skyfall star Ben Whishaw.

Whishaw was linked with the role last week, but it's now being reported that he is indeed on board. The plan is to film the movie next year if all works out. Whishaw's committed to reprising his role as Q in Sam Mendes' next James Bond movie, but that's unlikely to be a massive time commitment.

In terms of who's going to direct the film, Dexter Fletcher - off the back of the success of Sunshine On Leith - is also apparently on board. He's signed on the dotted line, and has been meeting the rest of Queen ahead of getting the movie before the cameras next year.

Peter Morgan has penned the script for the film, and as we hear more about it and its progress, we'll let you know...


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I was really looking forward to seeing SBC as Fred, he would've been perfect. Why did he drop out?

No! That would be horrible!

Yes, i would have liked to see him in the roll too.

Sasha Baron Cohen!

Sacha Baron Cohen would have been perfect. I think Ben Whishaw can do a pretty good job, however. I really liked Dexter Fletcher too and Peter Morgan knows how to pen a biopic. This has potential.

freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

And here's me thinkin' disaster movies had gone out of vogue

the man is here
freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com
He like Freddie, is not of english parentage

I told them it would be the DIANA movie but they would not listen
but they will see DIANA'S FILM

freddiemercurybiopic dot wordpress dot com

Had him in mind as the drummer out of Mott the hoople
when queen go on their first american tour
see cast
freddiemercurybiopic wordpress com

I'm sure he'd be great

Too old and cant act

only thing he could do
as he cant act so NO sincerity possible

Whishaw's got no meat
he will have to wear a peice down his pants!
what a shocker
a real willowy wispish fairy
too camp even for Freddie Mercury!
makes you lose your breakfast
it is too much
too weak

slightly weird, possibly mad comment. I havent seen Ben's 'piece' so maybe ylou have to make such a comment

Do you know of anywhere where I might be able to find a blog about the new Freddie Mercury film?

Definitely agree on pre 80a concerts... as much as I love Queen, there's only so many times I can sit through a set list from the Magic tour!

Too right, theres loads in the archives so i dont know why (apart from the 2011 remaster ep's) theyve just stuck to the same old cycle of re-issues or same era concerts. There must be a reson unless theyve been holding back until the film to take advantage of renewed interest.

the cheapest biggest turd
for the largest back-splash pebble-dashing
for box office returns

is the motto

shame they were not interested in making the perfect movie
freddiemercurybiopic wordpress com

did i mention
Ben is PR recovery job after the Borat mockery of Freddie's image?
and how did they get there?
well Ben starred as Freddie Lyon in the Hour also starred in the Theatre play Mercury Fur and also worked under a director named Jed Mercurio on a tv show.
so there you have it
its all PR bollocks to the hollow crown thespian with a trail of breadcrumbs for the route taken to get the stink away of their massive consequences after their 5 years stint of free publicity courtesy of Borat doing the rounds for Queen's "other "projects
then producer Graham king does zilch for same number of years and calls it a passion project !

there isn't one. a film with one star doesn't get blogs
my film has many stars
freddiemercurybiopic wordpress com

where is the power?
Ben has none he is credibly good at being boring
he acts it so well so deep so lost dreamingly not there
drifting off into the depths his own mind
he got a bafta for it
todays audiences are so emasculated by plastic products
they think his baby performance in mojo is the essence of machoism
and they buy his dance moves not as frank spencer , but as a beef cake
giving it throbbing sexiness that makes them drool with lust!
lol what a sorry state we are in!

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