Jerry Bruckheimer signs Paramount deal

News Glen Chapman 9 Dec 2013 - 06:28

Beverly Hills Cop 4 leads a slate of projects that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is now working on for Paramount Pictures...

Jerry Bruckheimer's time at Disney is now officially over, with the long-standing deal between the two finally ended. This follows what had largely been a successful period of time, although the financial disappointment of The Lone Ranger this year - not an outright flop, but still an underperformer - may have brought things to a head. It followed one or two other disappointments - Prince Of PersiaThe Sorceror's Apprentice - outside of the juggernaut that's been the Pirates Of The Caribbean series.

Bruckheimer is a man still in demand though, and Paramount has now brought the producer back to the studio where he got his start. The pair have inked a three year deal wthat will start with Beverly Hills Cop 4, a movie still planned for Brett Ratner to make. Eddie Murphy will return. Bruckheimer had told us back in August - right here - that he wasn't involved with that film. So either he was and he wasn't telling us, or all of this has come together quite quickly.

Another of Bruckheimer's previous films that Paramount want as a high priority is Top Gun 2, with Tom Cruise returning. Don't hold your breath for Days Of Thunder 2, mind...


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Does anyone want or need either Beverly Hills Cop 4 or Top Gun 2? Top Gun was very much a product of its time, and it was great but no one needs Val Kilmer & Tom Cruise as aging instructors and shirtless volleyball umpires.

If they're good? Why not?

Because they won't be good, that's why not.

Don't forget the Tony Scott factor...

Prince of Persia a dissapointment? As far as I know that movie had the highest profit of all videogame movie addaptions. OK, it wasn't Pirates big, but still a profit.
Also not very much looking forward to a new Beverly Hills Cop or Top Gun.

I'm actually really excited at the idea of Beverly Hills Cop 4. I was so not interested in the TV show until all these great reactions to the pilot came out. Now I can't wait! Call me crazy, but I actually like the idea of it featuring Brandon T. Jackson as Axel's son. It sounds like it could be a great buddy cop film.

Another Beverly Hills Cop film? After the brilliance of Beverly Hills Cop 3? Set 20 years after the last one? Where Axel has a son? Starring post-1980s Eddie Murphy, star of Daddy Day Care and Norbit? Directed by Brett Ratner? How could this not be anything other than great? Oh, yeah, by being anything other than an April Fool's joke, that's how ... Here's a better idea, just don't. Or, if you must, have the soundtrack feature tracks by One Direction, Justin Bieber and Kanye West (who should also do a cameo) and make this cinematic car crash complete.

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