Edgar Wright talks Ant-Man

News Glen Chapman 28 Nov 2013 - 06:46

Edgar Wright has been chatting about shooting in the UK and the tone of his upcoming Ant-Man movie...

Marvel's upcoming adventurous projects aren't limited to just Guardians Of The Galaxy. There's also the small matter of it trying to sell Edgar Wright's Ant-Man to the moviegoing public. Whether such projects based on lesser known characters will go down as well as previous instalments remains to be seen (Iron Man certainly paved the way in that respect) but the fact that two quality directors in James Gunn and Wright are behind the movies is certainly a bonus.

Wright has recently been chatting about Ant-Man and how he's not able to shoot entirely at Pinewood studios as originally planned. Talking to Screen Daily, he said that "ironically, Ant-Man was meant to shoot in London, but London is full because I guess that Pinewood extension got turned down". He continued, adding that "while the tax break is good for Hollywood films shooting here, it's probably not that great for British films shooting in the UK. Some middle-to-low budget films are going to find themselves without a crew because all the American films are shooting here".

Wright then went on to discuss the tone of the film. "I like the challenge of doing something slightly different", he said. "I think there will be some elements of my previous movies in there, and I think that's why Marvel wanted me to do it in the first place. I don't think they hired me to do something completely anonymous. So it's fun – it's got lots of new elements. I'm excited about it".

Ant-Man is scheduled for release on July 31st 2015. 

Screen Daily

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After so many "dark" super-hero movies, it will be a pleasure to have one that's just fun.

Have you somehow missed every single Marvel film to date?

What was not fun about Iron Man (1-3), Thor (1 & 2), Captain America and The Avengers?

Eh, he probably means all that DC crap.

I'm a huge fan of TDK trilogy and loved Man of Steel. It's nice to have both the 'dark and gritty' of DC and also the fun of Marvel.

Not sure why people complain so much!

He should shoot at Cardington.

The Dark Knight movies were fantastic, but I really don't think the 'dark and gritty' approach worked for Superman.

On the other hand, I feel like Marvel are kind of shoe-horning in a lot of comedy to their post-Avengers films. I get the impression that both IM3 and Thor 2 were conceived as much darker, more dramatic films but were changed once Marvel saw the response to the humour in The Avengers.

I was just glad that they tried something new with Superman.

If people want the happy go lucky, fun for all the family Superman, then they have the 1970's Donner films to keep them going.

I don't think anyone can win with a new Superman film. Singer tried to keep people happy by keeping Superman the same as the Reeves version and everyone said how boring it was and how it was nothing new.

Now someone has come along and completely changed the way we view Superman and still people complain.

With any new Superman film it seems to be damned if you do, damned if you dont.

I think the humor worked but needed to be toned down in places

Man of Steel is my favourite Superman film.

(Strange that MoS gets slated for things that are ok in other superhero films)

I agree. No one cared about New York being flattened by aliens in The Avengers. I mean, once it all went down they all f**ked off for a shwarma!

No one cares about the same thing happening in Transformers. I mean ok the film sucked but the city was still flattened without anyone complaining!

What do people expect will happen when two super strong aliens have a fight? Was such an odd thing for people to moan about.

Also, the ending. Would people have preferred Supes to let Zod kill that family?

People will ALWAYS pick holes.

I agree with you, however I demand that you take iron man 2 off the table as it was not "fun" ;)

Although I'm not sure those two thing in MoS were plot holes, just choices by the film makers

Maybe he means Thor should not fight his villains from the comics, he should take the battle to Rockgard, home of skeleton warriors from heavy metal album covers. I'd watch that over and over

I think you're both missing the bigger picture and getting bogged down in superficial details.

A lot of people complain about the excessive destruction and grittiness in MoS, but ultimately they're only doing so because they found - as I did - the script and characters extremely weak. Whichever way you cut it, the characterisation in Man of Steel was dreadful, and the screenplay relied heavily on everyone already knowing the characters from previous TV shows/movies etc. Unlike Donner's Superman films there was nothing remotely memorable or charming about any of them.

Other films get a 'free pass' on this kind of thing because people liked them more overall as films so aren't as likely to pick holes - for instance The Avengers, which imo balanced the action and spectacle with great characters, humour and charm.

Admittedly, they were not nearly as grim as the last three Batman films and Man of Steal. However, Ant-Man is an out and out comedy.

I had no problem whatsoever with how Thor 1 and 2 turned out. I wouldn't change a thing. I simply said it will be nice to have an out and out comedy to add to the Marvel film cannon.

In that case I agree. I just wanna know once and for all who's playing antman. Maybe Key and Peele as hank Pym and Scott Lang.

I have yet to watch MoS or the Wolverine

Ant-Man won't be an "out and out" comedy, it'll be a superhero film with Edgar Wright like humor just as Thor had it's humor and The Avengers had Josh Whedon type wit and all the other Marvel films

I don't believe it's going to be a farce, but I do believe it will be funnier than Thor. The God of Thunder is a character is an sex symbol who has to deal with a homicidal brother and the end of the world. Ant-man is an ant wrangler.

Don't bother with MoS, watch The Wolverine.

No no no, MoS gets slated for not having things that are ok in other superhero films, like a good story, interesting, multi faceted characters, good direction, acting, effects etc.

I would say the same about the old Superman films...

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