Edgar Wright talks Ant-Man

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28 Nov 2013 - 06:46

Edgar Wright has been chatting about shooting in the UK and the tone of his upcoming Ant-Man movie...

Marvel's upcoming adventurous projects aren't limited to just Guardians Of The Galaxy. There's also the small matter of it trying to sell Edgar Wright's Ant-Man to the moviegoing public. Whether such projects based on lesser known characters will go down as well as previous instalments remains to be seen (Iron Man certainly paved the way in that respect) but the fact that two quality directors in James Gunn and Wright are behind the movies is certainly a bonus.

Wright has recently been chatting about Ant-Man and how he's not able to shoot entirely at Pinewood studios as originally planned. Talking to Screen Daily, he said that "ironically, Ant-Man was meant to shoot in London, but London is full because I guess that Pinewood extension got turned down". He continued, adding that "while the tax break is good for Hollywood films shooting here, it's probably not that great for British films shooting in the UK. Some middle-to-low budget films are going to find themselves without a crew because all the American films are shooting here".

Wright then went on to discuss the tone of the film. "I like the challenge of doing something slightly different", he said. "I think there will be some elements of my previous movies in there, and I think that's why Marvel wanted me to do it in the first place. I don't think they hired me to do something completely anonymous. So it's fun – it's got lots of new elements. I'm excited about it".

Ant-Man is scheduled for release on July 31st 2015. 

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