New posters: Disney's Frozen and Jackass: Bad Grandpa

Poster Simon Brew 17 Sep 2013 - 06:35

Two slightly different films get new posters: it's Disney's Frozen, and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa...

Granted, these might not be the most logical posters to put on the same post, but we can only deal with the cards that we've been dealt. And for our latest poster round-up, we've got a pair of films that are aiming at, er, slightly different areas of the market.

First up then is Disney's glorious-looking Frozen, a new poster for which popped up yesterday. It all looks suitably chilly, and understandbly, it's playing on the success that Disney has enjoyed in recent times with both Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled. Here you go...

And then there's next month's new Jackass film, Bad Grandpa. Here's a new poster for that, too.

Frozen arrives in UK cinemas in December, whilst Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa turns up at the end of October.

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Challenge accepted...

You missed an opportunity to have Loki's right hand place more conspicuously given the way he's holding it

Damn. I didn't even think of that. Man, I'm annoyed with myself now. :-)

After you mentioning it, I couldn't resist...

Oh god that's so wrong....

The look on Loki's face and the bulge on grandpa's pants make it even worse :-)

It really is. I'm quite ashamed with myself.

Who am I kidding? :-)

This evening when I get home and my kids say "What did you do at work today, Dad?", I probably won't mention this!

I rekon that this is funnier than the actual film will be.

Er, why Loki?

Oh god, LOL
So wrong but so fuinny.

There's a Thor poster thread from a few days ago where Mr. Brew says...

"given that Marvel is happy to put a cutout of Loki on differing backgrounds, may we open up the challenge to your good selves to do the same....?"

...I tried to add the link but it won't let me.

well Richie, I think we have a winner, it gets funnier every time. just realised Grandpa's head is leaning back like he's having a eh...crisis

Well I couldn't have done it without your suggestion.

Frozen: complete with the Dreamworks Animation stock expression.

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