Dennis Farina: 1944-2013

News Den Of Geek 23 Jul 2013 - 07:21

Sad news: Dennis Farina has died, at the age of 69.

Now here's some bad news. The actor Dennis Farina has died, at the age of 69. He died in Arizona, due to a blood clot in his lung.

Farina, a former police officer, leaves behind a body of work that's to be envied. His work in the likes of Midnight Run and Manhunter remain highlights, and his credits extended to films as diverse as Saving Private Ryan, Get Shorty, The Mod Squad, Snatch and Out Of Sight. There was the small matter of an extensive collection of television credits, too, not least the juggernaut that is Law And Order.

Our thoughts are very much with Dennis Farina's friends and family, and our appreciation goes to the great man himself for his terrific work, that we've had a hell of a good time watching over the years. Rest in peace, sir.

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"Ya know .... London! Cup 'o' tea London. Bad food, worse weather ..... London!"

A great actor who brought some substantial heft even to small roles. You could always imagine him being able to tear a strip off of anyone regardless of their size. Very sad to see his passing. Now for my favorite of his:

"Shuddap and sit down you big bald f**k!"

Oh and guys you missed easily his best ....... Crime Story by Michael Mann where he got his biggest break. Loved that show so much.

I was always shocked that the London Tourist Board never used him in an ad! I can picture him now stood in front of the London Eye as the camera pans out, cue Farina - "Yes London. You know, fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary F***ing Poppins...LONDON."

After years of searching for the DVDs of the Crime Story series, I just found them this weekend and was over the top with giddiness -- only to hear about this tragic news yesterday. I'm beyond myself with grief. Dennis Farina was the epitome of the character actor, a true genius in front of the camera who was able to make you love his role, whether good guy or bad, cause he was such a consummate professional. He will be sorely missed by a truly depressed fan.

"Anything to declare?"
"Yeah, don't go to England!"


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