New Star Wars: Episode VII plot rumour

News Glen Chapman 12 Jun 2013 - 07:10
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Apparently, a casting notice has been discovered outlining key roles and plot details for Star Wars: Episode VII

It's quite possible that at this stage the following details should be taken with a generous pinch of salt, but if all of this does turn out to be true, Schmoes Know has quite the scoop on its hands. It's claiming to have laid its hands on a casting notice which reveals the following details regarding Episode VII.

Apparently the story will focus on two teenage siblings being trained in the ways of the Jedi by their uncle Luke, but problems soon arise when one of them turns to the dark side. Jacen Solo will be the male lead, something of a loner with little grasp on the notion of wrong and right. He's the one who is apparently tempted by the dark side, convinced that he is doing the right thing. This leads him on the path to become Darth Caedus. Jaina Solo is Jacen's twin sister and one of the greatest Jedis in the galaxy.

This could be a massive stab in the dark at this point - and it does seem eerily familiar to readers of the Expanded Universe novels - but this rumour does seem to tie in with a lot of the information released about the project to date. Returning cast members have been hinted at heavily and previous rumours suggested that casting would focus on getting someone to play Han Solo's son. Chloe Grace Moretz was also mentioned when Matthew Vaughn was linked to the project (not to play Han Solo's son though, obviously).

However there is that small matter of this set up linking in to stories in the extended Star Wars universe, which you would think those involved with the upcoming trilogy would want to steer clear of if they wanted to keep an element of surprise.

Expect lots more rumours before we get too much concrete. This one seemed quite fun, though.

Schmoes Know

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Ace. I think they'll want to keep some element of familiarity in terms of characters used, and if they want to do that its going to be very difficult to steer clear of the EU entirely.

I'd think they'd make reference to the EU in order to show it's worth in the overall story, but then shoot off in their own direction. For instance, it was a fair bet to say the kids of the actors from the OT would be the focus, and if they already have kids in the EU, why needlessly create more?

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Jacen and Jaina are Will Smith's kids aren't they?

I expect that actual plot points from the EU won't be used but there's nothing wrong with using elements or ideas from it imho.

I've never read any of the EU, but I have two genuine questions (which are things I think would work well in a movie):
1) Has there ever been a force user who questioned the Jedi path of having no emotion and who didn't turn to the dark side, and instead found a balance of accepting their emotion?
2) Has there ever been an antagonist which wants to rid the galaxy of force-users full stop, whether sith or jedi. I would love to see a film open with a Padawan fighting a sith apprentice and they are then forced to fight together and travel together, understanding each other further on the way...

this is what I hoped for it wont follow EU exactly im sure but this is an epic story line

1) Emotion is confusing here. Just about ALL the jedi have and show it in the EU. The key for them is not letting their emotions control them.
2) Yes there has: the Yuuzhan Vong. However the sith were not involved with the war, the Vong sought to destroy and control all, and were unaffected by the force. Separately Ben Skywalker and Vestra(a sith) Both fought and traveled together with luke, forming a bond, yet parting knowing they may have to kill each other one day, even though there was a hinting they were starting to love each other.

Doesn't sound like that much of a scoop, given that this is largely the plot of the novels.

Aren't they actually just clones? Will Smith's kids, I mean...

Sounds lame to me. Meh.

You can just picture the scene in the Smith household the day they announced Star Wars VII...
"Daddy I WANT to be in Star Wars. Make them cast me in it Daddy."

Doesn't sound all that amazing, tbh....

Glad that won't happen. if it did, I might burn Hollywood down.

To be fair, if I was ridiculously wealthy I'd bankroll my kids career too. I can't really blame Will Smith for loving his kids can I?

Please no, this sounds like 'Legacy of the Force', a 9 novel EU series that was at least 7 novels to long.

have Londo tap Leia's ass :D

Wasn't this confirmed to be nonsense by Lucasfilm?? I think they also said they aren't going anywhere near EU stuff.

That's an excellent question. Can't you just have a knowledge of the Force, NOT be a Jedi or a Sith Lord and just use the Force to help you lift the sofa to vacuum or jack up your car? Right? Seriously! They can't track down EVERYONE with some sort of proclevity toward the Force. There's got to be a few stragglers out there.

Makes sense. The original six movies were about the Skywalkers, why not make the next six movies about the Solos?

I just hope they put Kyle Katarn in it.

Fingers crossed that Jar Jar and his people get a dose of Order 66...............

I have this awesome image of Sean Bean as Kyle Katarn... naturally, he ends up dead at some point though!

Han is not the father. / As much as we would like to assume he settled down and went all soft and family guy, he went rogue again and .....comes back to some drama.

Good to know - thanks!


some Jedi Knots perhaps ?

And of course Abrams also said that the villian in the last Star Trek movie WAS NOT KHAN, and then low and behold, it was Khan.

Lucasfilm also said that Episode 1 would be the spark that would make the prequel trilogy exciting, and well, we all know how well that turned out as well

I'm not familiar with the extended universe and really apprehensive about the new films in general. This sounds okay though. Better than Attack of the fecking Clones anyway.


Maybe they're going to go the easy route and base the next trilogy on the post-Episode VI novels rather than try and shoehorn in a new story, especially given that since the early 1990s Lucas and everyone involved have taken great pains at assuring fans that the novels (at least the ones that began with the 1990s literary reboot) are canon with the movies.

Yeah, we pretty much have to take things with a grain of salt. I liked the new Trek film, but I was disappointed that some of the assurances I'd heard about it not being a rehash turned out to be hooey.

This is rumor rubbish. None of the material from the EU is being used.

Thanks for the Spoiler to a film not mentioned in the article! Great job, Bravo!

A man skilled in the Jedi arts, from Sheffield.

Really? We've already hit bottom with the prequels, so don't act like the franchise isn't tarnished already.

It sounds too much like the Prequel Trilogy done in the style of the Original Trilogy. Hmm...

Erm, I wasn't.

No one gives a crap about the literature. Also, J.J Abrams is only directing and his team from Star Trek won't be working on Star Wars.

Lol, ok Jacen and Jaina are childhood heroes because apparently billions of people read the books.

"It's quite possible that at this stage the following details should be taken with a generous pinch of salt"

Why are you reporting it then? Its sites like this that no one will ever take seriously because it has to report every single "news" that were started from an unreliable site that try to get a bunch of page views.

What they should do is link it to The Expanded Universe, but make it feel like the characters are being introduced that way theres no confusion for people who haven't read The Thrawn Trilogy and such

He hasn't demolished anything...the new trek was brilliant and really helped revive the franchise. I think he will do briliantly with Star Wars


How am I wrong?



I would help.

But one things for sure,

jj wars will be glossy, hyper-styalized, pseudo-intellectual, everyone will be hyper-attractive, a good looking girl will strip to her skivvies and the plot will transparently lift, steal and reference better movies so that 13 year olds can say:

"I remember that from empire strikes back! That was awesome!"

"done in the style of the Original Trilogy."

Fat chance of jj wars having anywhere near the lived in verisimilitude of the 2 classics +1.

You've seen jj trek right?

I'll keep that in mind Richie.

you still have a dollar?

I can think of no better opening for this movie, then the funeral of Jar Jar binks!

Seriously mate, Spock's "Khaaaaaaaan" was facemeltingly abysmal.

Uh, it was an homage to ST 2. The whole role reversal thing actually worked.

It really wasn't a rehash. A few homages to ST 2 and it's a rehash? I don't think so.


It wasn't a homage. It was incredibly lazy plagiarism of ST2. I was seriously sold on Section 31 and Harrison - new baddie working with one of Trek's best and most unexplored stories. But nope. It fell massively.

We sure don't have to love them though.

Maybe there's a midichlorians vaccine that they put in the water to limit the spread of the Force disease. Ant-bacterial soap may have played a part as well. All the Jedi and Sith have dirty hands if look closely.

Oh stop. It was amusing the first few times I suppose, but not really worth trotting out again and again, is it?

I'd rather see a Saw-style movie with him as the victim, then END it with his funeral.

Having read much of the EU, what I really want is JJ to do Jedi academy trilogy & I Jedi, Christopher Nolan to do the Dark Empire I II and Empires end with the original cast, and maybe Yimou Zhan to do the Crimson Empire trilogy....

Darth cedius??? His name was referenced in the prequels attack of the clones if I recall... So which means that Luke couldn't be in the new trilogy, it wouldn't make sense or be tangible. Only way I could see it is going pre clone wars, when the sith was in control of the universe and the Jedi order defeat the sith voila episode 1 when the sith start to rise again. So you will see a younger obi wan and his master quigon (spelling)

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