New posters: Despicable Me 2, RED 2, I Frankenstein

Poster Simon Brew 14 May 2013 - 06:49

Gru, Bruce Willis and Frankenstein headline our latest round up of movie posters...

Two animated films are set to dominate large chunks of the box office this summer, we're predicting. Pixar's Monsters University already has 'hit' stamped all over it. But so too does Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me 2, a sequel to the sizeable success of 2010.

Despicable Me 2 is heading into cinemas next month (28 June in the UK, 3 July in the US), and we've got a new poster for it here. Interestingly, Al Pacino was set to provide one of the voices for the film, but quit a week or two back, to be replaced by Benjamin Bratt. Given that we've heard directors of animated films talking of bringing acting talent in over a good year or two when making a film, that does appear to be cutting things just a little fine. Nonetheless, we've got a new poster right here for the movie.

We've also got the latest poster for RED 2...

... and one of those motion poster things, for this next year's I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart. Without further ado.

More posters soon!


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The I, Frank one is disturbingly similar to the Star Trek Into Darkness poster...

Not liking the look of the of the Frankenstein one. It would be great if they did a true and serious interpretation of the book, which this doesn't look like it will be...

Oh, my bad, it's something completely different :S

Oh God that Frankenstein one looks insulting.

Also, it's not that long until Despicable Me 2 is released now, and I've barely heard a thing about it. One trailer, this poster and that's about it... I'm surprised they haven't been working harder to build awareness for the kids.

Incredibly excited about Despicable Me 2.

Also, is it just me who absolutely despises motion posters?

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