New posters: The Wolverine, Grown Ups 2, White House Down

Poster Simon Brew 7 May 2013 - 06:51

A young Adam Sandler, Channing Tatum in a vest, and the Silver Samurai in our latest poster round-up...

Our latest round-up of movie posters has at least one that you're, er, bound to want to get online, buy, and stick on your wall post haste. That is, of course, the new poster for the upcoming Adam Sandler guffaw-fest, Grown Ups 2. In no way hinting as to the age of the jokes we can expect in the upcoming sequel, the poster brings together old pictures of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade. Prepare your sides to be split.

Looking further ahead, we've also got a new poster here for Roland Emmerich's upcoming film that's not Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down. Note how Channing Tatum is going for the John McClane look, albeit with a bigger gun.

And finally, we've got the latest poster for The Wolverine, that features the Silver Samurai. This one popped up courtesy of director James Mangold's Twitter account.

More on all of these in due course...

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Get it? Because they are young? The title is Grown Ups? Get it??

Aah, it's all good fun.

Movie posters used to have an element of originality to them so it's sad to see that being dumbed down with some of the newer titles. The one that is so unfortunaltey disappointing is White house Down employs exactly the same elements as Dark Knight / DK Rises and Star Trek Into Darkness (blue tint, those blurred blowing 'ember' or debris elements). I'm not looking forward to that film at all, but I find it such a cop out that studios probably just pull out previous releases, point to it and say 'do that'. That's the nature of the corporate world on entertainement - 'don't take risks'. It happens across the board in photography and advertising all the time, it's dumbed down to appeal to a mass audience across all levels, but wouldn't it be amazing to see more risky or inventive posters at a cinema (there are some great ones, but ultimately each genre, etc is so formulaic.) The Wolverine one I just can't put my finger on if it's cool or just lazy. It's certainly a different approach for a blockbuster and sparks curiosity which is great. Much better than the awful previous posters.

For me the Wolverine poster blurs that cool/lazy line. They know that that artistic style will look cool, so they just go "ah what the hell, make a vaguely Chinese-looking picture of a character that people are looking forward to and we don't need to think any harder than that, it'll look original".

Poor Rob Schneider. When ADAM SANDLER tells you you're about as funny as SIDS, and then giggles, before giving you the boot... That's a new low.

Silver Samurai looks great, hopefully the movie version will hold up

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