New posters: Oblivion, Fast & Furious 6, World War Z

Poster 5 Apr 2013 - 06:46

Our latest poster round-up brings together the latest promos for a trio of 2013 summer blockbusters...

The bustling for attention amongst this year's summer blockbuster entries has long since begun in earnest, and we've got a trio of brand new posters that have been released over the past day or so.

The best of them is probably the one for the incoming Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Oblivion. This is a film that it seems few are chuntering about right now, a surprise given that it's the first blockbuster of the season. Don't hold us to it, but Oblivion may yet turn out to be one of the summer's sweetest surprises.

The new World War Z poster too is hardly shabby. Again, the focus is on the scale, rather than putting zombies anywhere near the promotional material, but if it gets bums on seats, then fair enough. Finally, there's testosterone in abundance in the new Fast & Furious 6 poster.

Feast your eyes on these three then, and no doubt another poster round-up isn't far away...


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I'm looking forward to Oblivion. The director has a very interesting visual sense and I love large-scale scifi movies with some ideas.

Of all the movie stars, Tom Cruise probably has the best track record at choosing projects. They're all respectable, some of them are challenging and offbeat, and some of them are great.

I also love Olga Kurylenko, and Morgan Freeman is always strong.

That said, I don't love this poster. It looks too Apple Store.

Ha. I liked it until you said Apple Store. Thanks for that :-P

Oblivion's poster is the best

You're welcome. The footage looks a lot grittier. The poster makes it look almost ethereal.

Oblivion looks incredibly dull and I've never been a fan of the Fast franchise. Only World War Z really shows promise.

A lot of the footage also suffers from the ethereal issue though. It's only the Morgan Freeman-centric trailer bits that really escape from that.

Most of the footage I've seen, with or without Freeman, does not look like the Apple Store.

A slightly bedraggled Apple Store...

He's not going for grime central, but it is an advanced technology situation for Cruise's character starting out, at least at his base.

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