Paul Walker drives quickly in the trailer for Vehicle 19

Trailer Ryan Lambie 27 Mar 2013 - 12:37

Vehicular action specialist Paul Walker stars in the forthcoming thriller, Vehicle 19. Here's a promising new trailer...

The likes of Jason Statham and Steven Seagal may have cornered the martial arts action market, but Paul Walker appears to be carving out his own niche in films which involve driving around very quickly and shouting. His role as Brian in the Fast & Furious franchise may be his most prominent, but there's also 2001's Joy Ride to consider (co-written and produced by JJ Abrams, fact fans), plus the forthcoming thriller, Vehicle 19.

Although clearly a less expensive movie than anything we've seen from the Fast series, Vehicle 19 appears to have a strong concept behind it. Walker plays a typical 'bloke in the wrong place at the wrong time', having somehow acquired a hire car containing a gun and a witness on the run from dodgy cops. If we're interpreting the trailer correctly, the most intriguing aspect of the film is its viewpoint; the entire thing appears to be shot from inside the car, with the camera providing different perspectives from the passenger seat - a bit like a more varied version of the 1976 short film, C'était un rendez-vous.

If this is indeed the case, Vehicle 19 could be one of the more interesting action thrillers we'll see this year. A UK release date doesn't appear to be available as yet, but if we get one, we'll be sure to pass it along.

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I don't really gel with charisma-less Walker, but this film does look pretty intriguing.

Once you get past all the 'wrong place wrong time' crap..

agreed i'm not sure if its the films he's in or the roles he gets but im still undicided if he's poor or not!

Is it me or are all those cars driving pretty slowly? Looks pretty cool.

Nice shout-out for Joy Ride (aka Roadkill). LOVE that film. In fact, I think it's technically my favourite JJ Abrams-related film... Also: the world needs more Leelee Sobieski. FACT.

It's neither... It just him, he's a very uncharismatic actor with little to no talent, his lucky break was TheFast&TheFurious which has cemented his career (the film, not his acting.)

I don't expect this film to make much from him, but he may make something from the film.. (i.e. a decent performance, not just a pay check! (; )

That is one durable f'ing car

Studiocanal are releasing it on May 10.

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