Poster round-up: Pacific Rim, Ender's Game and World War Z

Poster Simon Brew 26 Mar 2013 - 06:50

A round-up of new posters, covering Ender's Game, Pacific Rim, World War Z and the peerless Uwe Boll's latest...

We're doing that, er, radical thing here, where we round up a bunch of posters in one post. We like to think it saves on a click here and there, and thus prolongs the life of your finest clicking finger by a good second or two.

So then: what we've got here is the first poster for this November's big screen adaptation of Ender's Game, which may yet be in advance of the first trailer for the movie (which features Harrison Ford, and has been directed by Gavin Hood). Then there's a new poster for Pacific Rim too, which is coming in the midst of a bunch of new publicity material for the eagerly-awaited Guillermo del Toro monster movie.

Almost finally, for this round up at least, there's the poster for World War Z, which accompanied the trailer launch yesterday. Fortunately, we never claimed to be the first and best at this putting movie news on the Internet lark, and thus we should be perfectly up front about the fact that, er, every other website in the world had this a good day earlier than us. Bah.

By way of making it up to you, we've included the poster for Uwe Boll's new film, Assault On Wall Street, down at the bottom there. No need to say thanks...


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But overall, big fan of WWZ and Pacific Rim... not so much with the generic action shot of Assault on Wall Street.

NOR with the MASSIVELY overused "silouette of the back of a character" of Enders Game - see Inception, Star Trek into Darkness, TDKR posters, et al.
Some originality would be AMAZING sometime soon please with these posters. Beginning to REALLY get bored of the same "brooding, serious back of a character" poster with a different player and name slapped on there.

Gotta love the copy paste bullet holes in the Uwe Boll poster

OH NO Uwe Boll is still making films :(

Oh yeah baby,this'll be a good year. Ender's Game is looking pretty good, and they're not mincing words either. Here's praying for an awesome adaptation!

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