James Wan's The Conjuring: spooky first trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
28 Feb 2013 - 06:38

The Conjuring is the forthcoming from Insidious and Saw director James Wan. Wardrobes terrify in its first trailer...

James Wan spawned an entire franchise with his unexpectedly popular 2004 film Saw, which he directed at the tender age of 27. His 2011 film Insidious explored less gory, more old-fashioned haunted house territory, and the result was a breezily entertaining ghost train ride.

The Conjuring appears to tread similarly spooky lines, though this time it's based on a real-life pair of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film follows the couple as they investigate the ghostly goings on at a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

With a cast that includes Insidious' Patrick Wilson, Lily Taylor and Vera Farmiga, plus an extremely strong reaction from attendees at last year's New York Comic Con, The Conjuring could be another genre hit for Wan, who also has a sequel to Insidious planned for release later this year.

The first trailer certainly looks spine-tingling enough, too, with a first for supernatural cinema: a ghost that claps like Mick Jagger.

We've no idea who it is lurking in that wardrobe, but we're guessing it isn't Mr Tumnus...

The Conjuring's out in UK cinemas on the 19th July.

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