Where have the MJ Amazing Spider-Man 2 pictures gone?

News Simon Brew
26 Feb 2013 - 10:28

We took down some The Amazing Spider-Man 2 pictures today. Here's why.

Visitors to this site earlier this morning may have seen a post where we put up pictures taken of Shailene Woodley on her way to the New York set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I've now taken those pictures down, but wanted to explain why.

Shailene Woodley is an excellent actress, as pretty much everyone who sat through her performance in The Descendants can testify. Her casting as Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is intriguing, and we'll find out in May of 2014 whether she's a good fit for the role or not. She's a distinct choice from Kirsten Dunst in the earlier films, and she clearly has the talent to pull off the role of Mary Jane.

Unfortunately, and I accept this now is an error on my part, I shouldn't have put the pictures live.

I thought it was worth doing, just to get the first clues as to Woodley in some degree of her character's look. Sadly, a few of the comments under the piece seemed more interested in digesting whether they found Woodley attractive or not. I'm not, however that may sound, judging those who chose to do so. But I just don't want that on Den Of Geek.

The Daily Mail has made a staggering success out of basically posting papped pictures of young women, and all but inviting its readers to comment on how they look. If that's what you seek, there are plenty of sites that can cater for that. The pictures of Shailene Woodley are readily available elsewhere online.

But for Den Of Geek - and I'm not saying we have a perfect track record here - can we try and have a conversation over someone's suitability for a role, rather than judging how they look when a photographer took a quick snap?

I say this as a proudly ugly man, who hated the school playground beauty competitions that most of us have to go through.

I accept this is my fault: I shouldn't have put the pictures up, and perhaps I was naive to do so. I'm sure Shailene Woodley doesn't read Den Of Geek, but if she does, my apologies for putting the pictures on the site. But rather than just take them down, I wanted to explain why. Hate me for it if you like, disagree or agree that Woodley is going to make a good MJ in the movie, but let's leave the judging of people's looks to the Daily Mail.


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