Taylor Kitsch signs up for Exit 147

News Glen Chapman
22 Feb 2013 - 06:50

After a run of box office disappointments Kitsch signs up for serial killer thriller Exit 147

I've got a lot of time for Taylor Kitsch, in large part due to my love of Friday Night Lights and his excellent performance as Tim Riggins. So it's something of a disappointment that his cinematic endeavours have been less than successful thus far. That said, I maintain that John Carter received an unnecessary kicking and was one of the few films of late that captured the feeling of the movies that I loved as a kid. And, to be fair to Taylor Kitsch, he's also been solid in the vast majority of other roles I've seen him in. I would even hesitate to say he's made bad choices given that it's unlikely many young actors wouldn't want to do an X-Men movie, and that Battleship had him working with Friday Night Lights showrunner Peter Berg.

Anyway: Kitcsch has now signed up for Julian Jarrold's (Red Riding and Becoming Jane) serial killer thriller Exit 147, which will see him play the role of a small town sheriff who arrests a man driving across the desert and holds him captive as part of a sadistic game. The screenplay is written by Travis Milloy who wrote Pandorum, and with a bit of luck, this time Kitsch will have a role for which he gets just a bit more credit.

There's no word as yet on when to expect the film.

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