Has the villain for Fast & Furious 7 been revealed?

News Glen Chapman 15 Feb 2013 - 06:09

The identity of the actor playing the villain in Fast & Furious 7 appears to have been revealed. Spoilers lie within...

Spoilers for Fast & Furious 6 lie within.

Well, for some of us, Christmas might just have arrived a little early. Lee Christmas, as it happens.

Not only have we got the imminent release of Fast & Furious 6 to look forward to (we've seen  nothing in the trailers to put us off it either), but rumours are starting to surface about Fast & Furious 7, and specifically who is rumoured to be playing the super villain in the film. If you are of the same disposition of us, you might just need to sit in your favourite chair right about now.

It would appear, and regular readers should be able to see the grin on our faces from some distance away, that Den Of Geek favourite and action superstar Jason Statham is lined up as the villain, and that his role will be teased at the end of Fast 6. You may remember that Statham was for a time attached to the role that eventually went to Luke Evans, but now it appears that he merely passed on it to take a meatier one in Fast & Furious 7. Those are tears running down our cheeks. Tears of joy. Please let all this be true.

If all goes to plan, Fast & Furious 7 will be in cinemas in 2015. Our ticket might just be sold already.


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This has officially made my day - Please let this be true, can the world take The Stath, Vin Diesel & The Rock in one movie, it would be Awesome

A fight seen with The Rock, Diesel AND Statham?

It'll have to be shown in Imax to get the screen big enough for these guys.

Wet my pants excited.

Great news. This franchise is killing it now! It's turning into a playground for actors to just have so much fun, and when actors have fun it comes across in the cinema.

There seems to be a ground swell of love for this series that I just don't get. The first one was ok but the second sucked big time, so I didn't watch any further but now I'm intrigued.

So which film (other than 1 and 2) in the series would be a good jumping on point to convince someone to start watching again?

#4. It puts the characters of 1, 2 and 3 together and it leads to 5 and 6. For an action series, these movies are remarkably connected with some surprisingly strong character development.

Thanks Kati, I'll give #4 a watch.

No the universe will fracture from sheer awesomeness. Just take my money already.

The second one was a bit of a turd, but what do you expect with zero charisma Walker as the star.

I hear he's playing Khan... :p

Although 4 leads the story, it is a close second to worst over 2...
I'd just Wikipedia it and then watch 5 if I were you.

How this trash continues to be made is beyond me. Flame away!

Oh God yes. And if he is in it, the Stath has to win :)

ruin it-if its true-jason always plays good guys-many fans will be lost if plays bad guy

I think they should just tie it into the Transporter franchise and Statham should just play Frank Martin helping out Torretto and the gang

yup and when they deny its Khan I will believe its Khan even more

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