A new adaptation of The Shrinking Man in the works

News Ryan Lambie
13 Feb 2013 - 17:44

Richard Matheson's sci-fi classic The Shrinking Man is getting a new film adaptation courtesy of MGM...

A classic novel by one of the titans of science fiction, The Shrinking Man (1956) was first adapted as The Incredible Shrinking Man the year after its first publication. Directed by Jack Arnold, it was a brilliant retelling of Richard Matheson's novel, with some superb special effects for the time, a set-piece in which its dwindling hero fights a spider with a pin, and a bravely downbeat ending.

More than half a century later, MGM has announced that it's planning a new adaptation of the novel. This is potentially great news for two reasons: first, that Eddie Murphy's proposed retelling is now surely defunct, and second, that the screenplay will be co-written by both Matheson and his son, Richard Jr, meaning that the resulting film has a fighting chance of avoiding a Hollywood filleting.

It's said that the new Shrinking Man will modernise the details of the story (nanotechnology, the shifting role of the male in modern society, and so forth), but will retain its overarching plot about an ordinary chap dwindling in stature. Most excitingly, it's said that the movie will retain the tone of the book, with Matheson senior describing it as "an existential action movie". While the 'action' part of that sentence might sound worrying, the original adaptation could be described in the same way, as its hero fights for survival in a constantly-changing world of giant arachnids and hungry household pets.

More news on this as it comes in.


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