Albert Brooks signs up for Finding Nemo 2

News Glen Chapman 13 Feb 2013 - 06:58

The man who provides the voice of Marlin, Albert Brooks, has signed on the dotted line to reprise the role in Finding Nemo 2...

Following John Carter's rather undeserved critical savaging and lack of commercial success, Andrew Stanton announced last year that he was set to return to Pixar to direct the sequel to Finding Nemo. Little is known of the plot so far, but shortly after the announcement was made. Ellen DeGenres was confirmed to returning to voice Dory. Now it's also  been announced that Albert Brooks will also return to voice Marlin.

There was a delay in getting Brooks back on board, perhaps unsurprising given that he's such an in-demand man. Of late, he's been writing successfully, and he's had roles in Drive and This Is 40. But he'll definitely be back on Finding Nemo duties.

The script for Finding Nemo 2 will be penned by Victoria Strouse and no doubt Stanton will have some input also. The film is currently pencilled in for a 2016 release.

Once this one's done, can we have a sequel to The Incredibles please, Pixar?


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I would prefer them to just go straight ahead for The Incredibles sequel!!

How they're gonna do a sequel to this, I don't know..
Maybe take Taken2's route and Marlin and Dory go missing so Nemo has to find 'em, including lots of underwater chase scenes and martial arts..

What more evidence is there that Pixar has jumped the shark? Please give us something new we haven't seen before, not just chasing the money and recycling.

Really don't understand how they'd do a Finding Nemo sequel. I wasn't a fan of the original - barring Cars and Cars 2 (along with Brave and Wreck-It Ralph as I haven't seen those) I think it's hands down Pixar's weakest film. Whereas, the Incredibles had a great story, was masses of fun, and left the door wide open for a natural sequel. Why not Pixar!!

As of 2016, they will have produced 5 sequels... out of their catalogue of 19 films. Not to mention countless short original cartoons. What's wrong with revisiting some characters that most people love?

I would hope with Pixar it would be an original and different story line, but upon hearing this The Hangover 2 was the first thought into my head. And then Taken 2.

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