Robert Downey Jr secures Black Mirror episode rights

News Glen Chapman 12 Feb 2013 - 07:13

The Black Mirror episode The Entire History Of You is heading to Hollywood, after Robert Downey Jr acquires the rights...

Of all of the episodes in the excellent first series of Black Mirror, the one that was most likely to get picked up by Hollywood was The Entire History of You. Penned by Peep Show's Jesse Armstrong, it depicted a world in the not too distant future where people were fitted with the Grain chip which is basically a hard drive for the brain that allows people to replay events in their life, which in the episode leads to Toby Kebbell's character replaying and scrutinising events from his relationship with Jodie Whittaker to breaking point.

The episode was the highlight of the first series and provided an outstanding finale. But still, the news that it's going to Hollywood has taken many by surprise. It deserves it though, and after something of a bidding war to acquire the rights, Robert Downey Jr has reportedly prevailed (with George Clooney also interested). Downey Jr will now look to adapt the material for the big screen, although outside of producing, it's unclear as of yet whether he'll be featuring in it.

The news is of course nicely timed given that series two of Black Mirror began last night, and it'll no doubt serve as a nice piece of promotion for the series internationally.

For those in the UK you can catch up on Black Mirror via 4oD.

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Out of the original 3 I disliked this one because it was a bunch of vacuous suits arguing in a sleek apartment. Admittedly I bailed out after about 30 minutes.

Funny, I watched this again last night (after watching the new episode), I remember thinking vaguely that its the sort of high-concept idea that you could imagine Hollywood doing something with (I'm guessing with an added 'thriller' element, they like that, those Hollywood types).
Incidentally, I'm sure I read on this very site something about Chris Morris having written an episode of the new run, anyone know if this is true (seen nothing since to confirm it)? I'd love to see Morris' imagination let off the leash within a format like this. And as much as I like Brooker, he doesn't quite enjoy the status of deity afforded Morris in our house.

I watched my first episode last night with the woman that uses the internet to copy her boyfriend. I'm going to try and watch the rest.

This was actually the least memorable of the first 3 episode for me - the best (imho) was '15 Million Credits' that just blew me away. The judges reaction to his speech was heartbreaking and yet was so plausible...

That was a great episode, interesting to see a feature length.

This was my favourite of the first series. Not that the others weren't great, but this was more... adult, I guess. The world it created was more plausable and complete than the others and the dialogue and performances were excellent.
I'm sure they'll up the stakes and put at least one murder in it, but as long as there isn't too much running around and gunfire, it'll probably translate pretty well.
Anyway, I hope Armstrong gets a big sackful of Hollywood cash for it.

...and for those of you who haven't seen it yet, it's about a woman who uses the internet to copy her boyfriend.

They'd have to add something to it, another layer somehow.

It was a good concept and was about right for 40 minutes of TV, but a whole film of people breaking up like this would just get a bit dull.

Tech-wise it wasn't too far from the film Strange Days and could see a film going similar ways, looking more at the black market for grains and so on.

I thought the idea surrounding the episode was quite similar to Robin Williams 2004 film Final Cut (A film I enjoyed quite a bit). It will be interesting to see if they plan to use a similar story line or just the sci fi concept

This is stunning news. I just really hope it doesn't lose the sardonic eye of Brooker.

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