Revealed: the Fox action family DVD boxset

News Den Of Geek 12 Feb 2013 - 06:08

With its commitment to making sure its franchises are open to all, Fox might just have a new DVD boxset up its sleeve...

On Monday, we received the news that 20th Century Fox had thoughtfully trimmed the UK release of A Good Day To Die Hard, to get a 12A rating for the film. It did this just in time for the school holidays in Britain, so that tired parents could take their 12-year olds, or younger, to see the new Die Hard flick, if the likes of the now-playing Wreck-It Ralph didn't appeal.

It's not the first time that Fox has been willing to go the extra distance for the families of Britain, and we've got our paws on an exclusive boxset that might just solve the worries of any parent looking to keep their little ones entertained for a few hours. Will this sneak it out onto Fox's release list, we wonder...? After all, who needs the Ice Age movies when you've got this little lot.

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The mind really does boggle as to what they are thinking about. Having seen the sequel won't the kids who enjoy these films then want to see the predecessors?

Yippie-Kay-Ay huffenpuffers!!! What next, Tarantino cuts for CBeebies?

Please don't try to apply logic to this situation, you'll bring an entire industry to its knees.

I was looking forward to seeing the Die Hard but now they can shove my ticket up their backside!

That means you'll still have to buy it, but they will be in some discomfort so there is that.

Oh dear. why not just merge everything into a 12 certificate. get rid of everything else above it and tone everything down.
I'm now waiting patiently for the 12 rated cut of Scarface and saw.

or a 12a Evil Dead... *shudder*

Both AVP films are rated 15

They are going to be ruined. This will be like the Big Trouble in Little China saga all over again, the mother crushers!

Looking forward to the release of Human Hungry Caterpillar!

does it actually matter. Go watch it, then make your mind up.. Then moan... then buY the uncut extended version on DVD.. then moan... and so on.. You lot really get on my nerves. Just enjoy it.. North Korea will own us all soon.

The DVD edition of AVP:Requiem I have is an 18. Sadly the added gore does not make it a better film.

12a's are crap... I mean just look at the Batman films.

Where I come from 'The Dark Knight' was 16 and above. I guess they cut something where you are.

Hmm, pay money to see a pratice I'm opposed to? There's something off about that.

Don't feed the troll Sean.

I'm sure someone's hard at work hacking up the Human Centipedes to get it to 12A. Because that's possible and worth doing as well.

Forget you, melonfarmer!

is this a joke?

I hope you own that simply because it was part of an Alien/Predator box set and not because you wanted it on your shelf...

Ew. Just...ew.

Fun you, Muddyfunster!

Did you fun my wife?

You know my wife?

It was a present. I watched it once in the hope that the 'Extreme Edition' would be better than the version I had previously seen - it was not. Unfortunately I am very OCD when it comes to my DVDs, books and CDs and I can't bear having one of a collection missing...

I actually awaited an article, perhaps in an ironic, even sarcastic tone about the fun the kids could have by watching an 12A-Version of RoboCop/Rambo/Evil Dead etc. Bit disappointed by the picture. But I get the point.

That's alright then. I'll let it slide this once...

heeeey, sure I know your wife.

You guys seriously rock. Not enough Harry Enfield fans out there.

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