JJ Abrams developing Half-Life and Portal movies?

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2013 - 07:45
Portal: it's coming back...

JJ Abrams might just be adding Half-Life and Portal to Star Wars and Star Trek...

We wouldn’t ever class JJ Abrams as the kind of man who appears to have a lot of time on his hands (his commitments to Star Trek and Star Wars alone would make many weep), but he still seems to be finding a collection of new projects to develop. Chatting at the DICE Summit, and as reported by Polygon, JJ Abrams revealed that some kind of team up with videogame company Valve may be on the way.

Abrams was sharing the stage with Valve’s Gabe Newell, and said that “there’s an idea for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on”. Newell then countered, saying “we also want to talk about making movies, either a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie … what we are actually doing here, we are capitulating a series of conversations going on. We reached the point that we decided to do more than talk”.

Crikey. Both sound an awful long way off happening (heck, gamers have been waiting for Half Life II: Episode 3 for what seems like forever), but the idea of both, with Abrams’ involvement, sounds extremely interesting. If Newell and Abrams reveal any progress, we’ll let you know…


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Can anyone actually name a good video game adaptation? Mario Bros, the resident evil series, and Street Fighter were all terrible.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within ?

Silent Hill
Mortal Combat
Prince of Persia

Lara Croft wasn't awful...

There aren't any, but then you obviously knew that

Um, remind me what that was about?

Pre-Avatar motion capture scifi enviromental adventure movie, with a bit of spirituality on the side.

Didn't explain myself clearly, I've seen the movie and can recollect most of the details - I just didn't quite understand what the hell happened towards the end.Some weird Mother Earth Gaiai stuff. I'll have to watch it again.

Please don't make Half Life Please don't make Half Life Please don't make Half Life Please don't make Half Life

Simply put: all life is connected.

Portal will maybe work... The short films people have made around it have been incredible, so if that could continue then maybe. It'd be hard to adapt though. Would we really sit and watch someone solve puzzles?

Can't imagine Valve going ahead with anything sub par, especially if they team up with such a highly regarded director. Just because there hasn't been a good film adaption, doesn't mean there cant be! :)


Hell, I got a little excited when I heard GLaDOS' voice in the trailer for the upcoming "Giant Mechs vs Giant Monsters" Guilermo del Toro movie "Pacific Rim".

The same voice actor (sorry I can't recall your name right now) does the exact same voice for the mech tech in that film.

The biggest problem would be to capture the exquisite mixture of isolation, terror, hope, humor, malevolence and despair that the world of Aperture Labs was.

Kind of like Cube or Labyrinth, but better.

I like Cube... but there is more than one person in that.

Please cast Brandy Norwood as Alyx Vance.

horrible movie and it was nothing like the games.

The movies don't have to be exactly about what happened in the games. They could just be set in the same universe.

How about a Portal film about the stuff leading up to the events of
Portal? Maybe with Doug Rattmann. Or a HL movie about the Seven Hour

Regardless, I think we can trust Valve to keep a high level of quality if such films are ever made.

Chell, GLaDOS, Wheatley, P-Body, Atlas, Cave Johnson, Caroline.

I would gather a Portal movie would include flashbacks for Chell as well as the former denizens of Aperture Labs.

They're not likely to focus on Atlas and P-Body. If it's a franchise they're after Wheatley probably won't appear much in the first film. It'd take a lot of shoe-horning to get Cave in, but I'd love to see it, so it'd probably just be Chell and GLaDOS.

Having said that... I would absolutely love an 'Aperture through the ages' film. Looking at the maddening Cave Johnson as he spirals out of control and creates GLaDOS which then kills them all with Nurotoxin.

I agree they wouldn't (or shouldn't) focus on Atlas and P-Body. It seemed that it was being implied that a limited cast would somehow make the film less enjoyable/successful.

I was simply indicating how many others characters that were available yet still canon.

I think a film focusing primarily on Chell and GLaDOS would be great. Its that combined feeling of isolation, rat-in-a-maze and conversations with a frenemy that created such a great ambience in the Portal games.

Add in some present day side story with the Rat Man which helps tie in backstory at Aperture with cameos from Cave Johnson and you're set.

Maybe pepper in some other side story of autoturrets, P-Body & Atlas ala R2 & 3PO.

It needs to be written by someone that knows, loves and adheres to the source material and you have, not only geek gold, but something that could find a wider audience as well.

I agree with all of this... but for the fact that it would happen. its in the hands of Hollywood's golden boy JJ. It's going to be big. its not going to be claustrophobic. And again, its Hollywood, someone is going to frak the script up royally.

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