The Muppets 2 gets its official title, plus a first image

News Ryan Lambie 30 Jan 2013 - 15:12

Disney's revealed the proper title for its Muppets sequel, and provided a few plot details, too...

The sequel to the successful 2011 Muppets movie is currently filming, with a projected release date of spring 2014. We've already heard that it'll star Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey, and the news that Tina Fey would be playing a Russian prison guard, while Ty Burrell takes on the role of an Interpol agent, led many to assume that the sequel would follow similar lines to 1981's The Great Muppet Caper.

Over on Entertainment Weekly, the sequel's title has emerged: it's The Muppets...Again!, complete with ellipsis and exclamation mark. There are also a few plot details to whet our appetite for the characters' new adventure; we now know that the Muppets become embroiled in a villainous plot to steal a diamond - immediately recalling Peter Sellers' Pink Panther movies - and the thief (who goes by the name Constantine) looks like Kermit. Also, there's a new image - and just look at all those Muppet feet: 

It all sounds lovely, and EW even have the first official image (which you can see here) and an interview with the felt frog himself, which is nice. We'll bring you lots more news on The Muppets...Again! as we get it.

Update: Ricky Gervais has taken to Twitter to provide another early image from the set of the movie. Here it is: 

Miss Piggy's smile looks a little forced to us. Thanks to ElWaster and Seb Patrick for the heads-up on this.

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Why not go the whole hog (no Miss Piggy pun intended) and get Charles Grodin back?

that title is awful

After all that, it would be really lame if it isn't The Baseball Diamond .

I hate mistaken identity films, absolutely hate them (if that's what this is). But it's the muppets so hopefully there's a first time for everything.

Who is the human in the phone box?

I totally missed the news that Tina Fey was in it! Along with Ty Burrell, she totally cancels out Gervais being in it.

Who's that on the wanted poster?

Apparently he denied the chance to cameo in the 2011 movie, so odds are against it.

Here's hoping it's just a placeholder title.

There is a worrying lack of Pepe the King Prawn in that photo. I love that little guy, he's even written his own self help book: It's hard out here for a shrimp.

Awful title. Awful star. Probably awful movie.

To clarify, the first one was incredible. That's why I'm so depressed about this.

That's the director, James Bobin.

Still stupidly disappointed they got R G involved - I can't stand that guy !

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