Official: JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII

News Ryan Lambie 26 Jan 2013 - 08:54
Mr JJ Abrams

Disney and Lucasfilm have officially confirmed that JJ Abrams will direct Star Wars Episode VII...

For once, the rumours were correct: JJ Abrams will direct the next entry in the Star Wars franchise, Episode VII. The news comes after various Hollywood trade outlets attached Abrams to the role earlier in the week - and on Friday, Disney made it official:

"It's very exciting to have JJ aboard leading the charge as we set off to make a new Star Wars movie," producer Kathleen Kennedy said on the Star Wars official website. "JJ is the perfect director to helm this. Beyond having such great instincts as a filmmaker, he has an intuitive understanding of this franchise. He understands the essence of the Star Wars experience, and will bring that talent to create an unforgettable motion picture."

"I've consistently been impressed with JJ as a filmmaker and storyteller," added George Lucas. "He's an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn't be in better hands."

As for Abrams himself, he's clearly made an about face after his November comments about remaining loyal to the Star Trek franchise. "To be a part of the next chapter of the Star Wars saga, to collaborate with Kathy Kennedy and this remarkable group of people, is an absolute honor," Abrams enthused.

So, there we have it: Episode VII has its director. Now we simply have to wait and see where the franchise goes under its new stewardship - you can read Simon's thoughts on that topic here.

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In the reverse words of Darth - "YEEEEEEEEESSSS!"

I am so stoked. JJ and Bad Robot are going to completely rock this, and I can not frickin wait for 2015!

Great news....but can't help thinkingthe task of explaining the difference between "Trek" and "Wars" to the Mrs has just got a little harder..... :-)

Great choice...all doubt was swept aside for me with JJ's reboot of Trek which brought the franchise back from the in that film if he can get the casting right (the new Kirk, spock and for me especially McCoy were perfect choices) combined with a good story then I will be counting the seconds till 2015 :)

I really wanted Matthew Vaughn, whose previous work made him seem like the perfect person to deliver the great characters, fun and memorable set pieces that made Star Wars what it is.

Whilst I'm not a massive Abrams fan (his films are all good but have never been anything more than that to me) I am still pretty optimistic. Jon Favreau was another rumour and I'm much happier with Abrams than him.

Really hope the guy knocks it out the park and despite not being a huge fan of his, I think he might. He's a massive fan of the franchise and I wish him all the luck in the world with this. I still can't wait to return to the GFFA so here's hoping for a great Episode VII. Good luck Jar Jar Abrams!

No thanks. Overrated. Lost was annoying, Mi3 was nowhere near as good as Mi1 & Mi4 and Star Trek made no sense.

Paramount are gonna be piiiiiiiiiiissed!

Star Trek made no sense?!?!?

Didn't see Super 8, found Mi3 boring, Star Trek was cool but a little contrived, Lost pilot was top but not enough to judge him on. I have no idea how to rate this guy.

Not happy. It's the most boring choice possible. Who can we get to do Star Wars? I know, the guy who's already doing Star Trek! This has really pissed me off because the main thing that I was excited about when the new trilogy was announced was getting a fresh, new director to do something DIFFERENT with Star Wars. Instead, we're going to get something very similar to the direction the other major sci-fi franchise is going in at the moment. As far as I was concerned, Star Trek 2009 (which I loved, by the way) pretty much WAS a Star Wars film.

I just hope he does a continuation of the universe (as inferred by the VII moniker) rather than a total reboot like he did with Trek (albeit successful).

A safe choice but certainly a good one. I doubt he'll do all three so there's plenty of time for other directors to put their names forward.

Honestly though, unless this new film is about the galactic turmoil caused by the taxation of trade routes no one in their right mind will pay to see it.

Really? You think hes going to try and do exactly the same thing to Star Wars as he did to Star Trek? You think hes going to introduce time travel to a franchise which has never used it in the past? Yeah, probably not.

Jar Jar is dead.

He DOES know characters, and if he can get the spectacle of the other movies right (and I'm sure he can), then we have something very exciting here!

Well put... His Star Trek was very much a SW film, a good one... But I want varsity...

To be fair, I guess I want ST to be more niche than SW, and one thing JJ doesn't do is set out to limit his audience...

Yeah, I guess I wouldn't be bothered if his Trek movie had been less Star Warsy in approach. I'm not a Trek fan but (correct me if I'm wrong) I've always thought of Star Trek as more about philosophising and exploring new worlds than lasers, sword fights and explosions in space. I really liked Star Trek 2009 but it was very much a space opera, so I can't really foresee his Star Wars movie being THAT different in tone.

Calm down sir/madam. No one mentioned introducing time travel, rather the idea of "a total reboot".

I am sick and tired of star wars.

Paramount are going to be very annoyed that this is out now, they won't like how the press for the new Star Trek film is going to go "so JJ, nice film but what can you tell us about star wars?' he can no comment all he can but it's all he'll be asked probably the stars too. "so Benedict you're good in this but any truth that you're the new sith lord?'

Where JJ goes Lindelof is sure to follow.
John Woo would be my recommendation.

If there is any, ANY light glare at all.... *shudder*

I understood Star Trek 2009, despite not ever seeing any Star Trek beforehand.

Super 8 was very good - maybe a bit of a let-down at the end, but the rest of the film was brilliant.

"As for Abrams himself, he's clearly made an about face after his
November comments about remaining loyal to the Star Trek franchise..."

Maybe because he's a money-hungry Hollywood whore like the rest of them, hmmmm?

"I've consistently been impressed with JJ as a filmmaker and storyteller," added George Lucas.I'd laugh if this wasn't from the guy who made Episodes 1-3. I wonder if JJ has actually watched Star Wars? I was shocked but genuinely excited when Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, as it meant a fresh direction from people who hadn't gone insane. But now Abrams, the guy who made the cartoonish lensflare-athon "reboot" of Star Trek is directing? I'd love to be proved wrong and JJ turns out to be the guy to revive Star Wars, but I'm not holding my breath. At least they're not getting Kurtzman and Orci to write this... right? Right?!

With all the lightsabers we are in for a load of lens flare opportunity!!!!!

Nooooooo :D The was awful!

Star Wars by John Woo, now that would be something! Never gonna happen of course, but a fun thought non the less :D

I'm ok with Abrams, but I still hope that Neill Blomkamp will get to direct one of the other two

I shot him!

I just think we need to start a petition for John Woo. Maybe for the second movie in the trilogy. Or just start a rumour. Seriously - how ****ing awesome would JW be with lightsabres and angsty Jedi? Whole movie could be an extended manhunt across the galaxy with thousands of cyborg bounty-hunters after a cowled-up Danny Trejo. Lets get it done. GEEK POWER!


Fantastic news i am very much excited to see what JJ can do! given his track record I think this will be a film of epic proportions!

Jon Favreau after the debacle of Cowboys and Aliens and Iron Man 2?

To do something completely different with Star Wars is to take away the essence of Star Wars. It is and always will be a sci-fi and fantasy popcorn series.

Lost was annoying????...actually, Lost was brilliant. You know that JJ only did the pilot, right? Star Trek made no sense?? Wow...maybe it's best that you DON'T like this news, as most of what you said in your comment is utter rubbish!

There are many different ways to do a sci-fi and fantasy popcorn series. Star Wars is different to Empire which is different to Jedi, yet they all have the Star Wars feel.

Any particular reason for your peculiar response? Did I mention JJA doing "exactly the same thing"? Did I cry foul for introducing time travel to Star Wars? No, I merely expressed the hope that this will be a continuation of the existing stories rather than a total reboot. Take your seat, sir; no need to jump around waving.

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