JJ Abrams in talks for Star Wars Episode VII

News Ryan Lambie 24 Jan 2013 - 23:07
The Star Wars logo.

If the latest US reports are correct, JJ Abrams could be the director of Star Wars Episode VII...

After weeks of speculation, of just about every noteworthy Hollywood director's name added to a list and then subracted, it appears we're one step closer to finding out who will helm Star Wars Episode VII. According to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, JJ Abrams is in talks to take on the project, which is being written by Toy Story 3's Michael Arndt, and thought to see the return of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill to their roles.

Obviously, "in talks" is by no means a confirmation, but multiple sources are suggesting that Abrams will indeed be the director for the gig - one Hollywood industry site has suggested it's a "done deal". With these things being the way they are, we'll wait until we hear a formal confirmation before we speculate further, particularly since Abrams said only a month or so ago that he would remain to the Star Trek franchise.

It could be that Disney and Lucasfilm have made Abrams an offer he couldn't refuse.

More on this as it comes in.


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This is news is so sad only punching a puppy could cheer me up.

Finally! A Star Wars for "everybody" and not just to please an impossible to please fan base.

Happy days, and if your upset at this, imagine if Bret Ratner or McG was announced instead... Feel Better? Good!

Then out of mercy, you will not be forced to go see it. Problem solved.

Yup. I say (more or less) to hell with pandering to the established fan base. They're all going to go see it anyway. JJ, just go make a great movie (or three) with good stories, good acting and direction and awesome special effects. And the House of the Mouse will make billions.

you are right. enjoy your terrible movie that you wont be able to hear over all the lens flare.

This is now confirmed as a must-avoid movie. Lens flare on Lightsabres anyone?

Every name mentioned in the update above chimes like a silver bell of awesome. Please be true, alluring rumour.

Oh I'm sorry. I must have forgotten that too much lens flare will block out all the sound... because that makes sense.

have to admit i'm not that big a star wars fan so not that fussed by why does JJ. Abrams get all this hype. The guy has barley directed anything of note, star trek was passable MI:3 was forgettable. Never did see super 8, is it really just the greatest thing ever?

I don't think the fan base is "impossible to please", the first two prequel episodes were clearly less than they should have been, and although the third one was considerably better, it still suffered many of the same problems (shoddy dialogue, cartoonish and excessive CGI, stilted performances, etc)... I still maintain that extensive re-editing on all three but the first two in particular would remedy many of it's narrative problems, and make for considerably tighter and ultimately better films.

As regards to Abrams' involvement with (at least) Episode VII, it's a logical and sensible move on both Lucasfilm and Disney's part; Abrams has proven himself extremely able to deliver a well paced, exciting, and accessible blockbuster that reaches new audiences as well as pleasing the existing fanbase. It's highly unlikely he'll employ his trademark lens flare for the new 'Star Wars' film, but rather will tailor it to be more in line with the look and feel of the original Trilogy, and that's just fine with me... the best thing about Abrams getting the gig is at least the new film will be shot on film and not the cold artifice of digital, and for that alone I'm glad Abrams got it and good luck to him.

Roll on 2015...

"is it really just the greatest thing ever?"
No--but it was a good film, and the kids were the best part about it, plus the fact that it captured the mood of the late 70's perfectly. Give it a look--you might like it, you might not, but at least you'll be able to see it for yourself.
Just my 2-cents....

@Northern Star: Could not agree more. 120% on the mark.

Ok I know everybody has their ideal vision of everything, but I'm a trekker as well as old school Star Wars fan and no one was more skeptical of JJ rebooting Star trek, or more accurately, the whole idea of the reboot altogether. i was voilently against it in fact, I thought so deeply that those characters were so iconic no one could ever represent Kirk Spock McCoy and company the way the original cast of Shatner Nimoy Kelly Doohan Nichols Koenig and Takei did. Impossible. HA! That movie blew me away. Especially Pegg's Scotty and Urban's Bones. Ok, great cast, helped a bit. Then I saw Super 8. Count me in on the SW-JJ bandwagon.
I am an angry fan that complained about the SW prequels. Sure. I still watch them and own them on bluray and dvd. No one can deny that the acting (directing especially) dialogue and overflow of digital filming and CG characters made it less than it could have been. I for one am looking forward to a new direction under the "helmet" or Disney, whether its JJ or someone else. Long as it aint Lucas. unless they can go back in time and get George from 1976.
But either way its new Star Wars and i am super excited. Just as i am as i await each new episode of Doctor Who, despite being utterly disappointed each and every week again. But I love the character and mythology so i stick around and i accept it for what it is. Some things should stay buried I agree, but I dont think Doctor Who nor Star Wars are among them.

Heh. I'm going to wait for the film to be made and I see it in the cinema before making up my mind. I'm old fashioned and set in my ways, what can I say.

at least better than Jar Jar Binks on lightsabres.. oh wait..

Maybe he could go reboot the series and create an alternative timeline where Phantom Menace didn't exist ;-)
Kidding, very exciting news!

I have no problem with Senor Abrams, but did they HAVE to pick the guy who just did Star Trek? Are there NO other directors in that damn town?

I'm sure Whedon and Cameron have already turned it down, because they're the only choices that are MORE obvious. But I'm sure it'll be fine. Whatever.

why? Rush Hour and Terminator Salvation were awesome

go back and watch 4 5 and 6 the acting is equally as shitty as the prequels, but yeah i agree good luck to him. The Star Trek film was great and I ve never watched an episode of it.

haha another guy making a lens flare crack! you are unique and funny as no one else has said this on the internet!

I'll just copy and paste this around the interwebs:
Hey everyone, we get it. His films have lens flare. Stop being internet
sheep and stating the same thing. You're not funny! His Star Trek turned
out great. Try waiting until the movie comes out before you
(undoubtedly) bitch about it.

Go, go JJ Abrams. Pedal to the metal!

To quote many a Star Wars character: "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I really wanted it to be Matt Vaughn :(

First The Muppets, then Marvel Comics, and now Star Wars. Mickey Mouse IS the dark side.

I'm a little disappointed, JJ is sort of an obvious choice. I expected more from Disney.

Is everyone forgetting that the prequels had lens flare in them already?
Especially during the lightsabre/lightning battles.

His Star Trek was ordinary, his Star Wars will be ordinary. At best.

Can you just imagine all the lens flare from them lightsabers...

Star Trek AND Star Wars in the palm of his hand. Anyone else wish they JJ Abrams right now? Or maybe the exact opposite. Imagine the pressure! I wish him the best of luck, though. His Star Trek re-imagining was excellent; a fresher, younger take on an enduring classic losing its appeal that ushered in a new generation. Hopefully he can do the same for Star Wars. I certainly think he can.


J.J. Abrams produces Fringe, which has John Nobel. Walter freakin' BIshop.

Now stop and imagine this: John Nobel playing a Jedi.

perhaps you should look at the time i made the comment. so ill ask you, because i dont know myself, whats it like to be mentally handicapped?

not sure on that, didn't like star trek much, at all, just as you say Hulksmash but i reckon he'll do a damn good job of star wars. Super 8's the key for me :)

oh please.... yawn

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