Justice League lineup revealed

News Glen Chapman 25 Jan 2013 - 06:52
Justice League

It appears as though the five superheroes that will form the Justice League in the 2015 movie have been revealed.

As they have a habit of doing, the folks over at Latino Review have landed themselves another tasty superhero scoop, as their sources appear to have revealed the five core members that will form the Justice League in the movie due out in 2015. Ready for them? It looks as if the cinematic Justice League, for now at least, will be made up of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

No huge surprises there and it's sensible for them to focus on their most recognisable heroes if the film is to stand a fighting chance, not least because it's released around the same time as The Avengers 2. Of course, three out of the five have recent movies that establish the heroes involved (although expect a rebooted take on Green Lantern, we'd suspect) but the other two, whilst not having the same profile in recent times, are still well known characters.

There are rumours of a cameo or two in Justice League as well, but the focus will very much be on the aforementioned characters as they set out to save the earth from Darkseid. The film is of course still without a director and at this point the cast is also far from certain, so expect things to start falling in place pretty soon.

More on the Justice League movie when it's available.

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Poor Aquaman, always left behind!

I know it'd be tricky to crowbar his backstory in, but where's the love for The Martian Manhunter? Every team of superheroes needs a big green (oreo obsessed) power house.

The perfect lineup.

Five main characters wont stretch the general public's attention span too much either. Especially since they're already so familiar with at least two of them.

The only reason I am suspicious of this is that an Aquaman movie is supposed to be in development. It seems strange they wouldn't be using this as a springboard (unless they are planning for him to join JLA2?)

I think they should use John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan as they might get complaints for just using white characters. I would have liked to have seen Martian Manhunter but I guess they can't have too many over-powered superheroes at this point.

Yeah, coz the Avengers films was like a United Colours of Beniton ad.

Nick Fury says hi ;)


Make it edgy. Michael Fassbender as Batman. Alexander Skarsgard as Superman (if not played by Henry Cavill). Milo Ventimiglia as The Flash. Joel Kinnaman as Green Lantern. Jaime Murray as Wonder Woman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as cameo as Nightwing.

I can dream cant I? :)

And to be fair, Hulk is green.

Well in Man of Steel, Perry White is now Black, and Jimmy Olsen is now a woman. So I wouldn't worry about these films not being politically correct.

I reckon The Flash will be a Muslim Woman in a Wheelchair.

...and she'll be struggling with the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

One wonders how they will make people appreciate the characters of The Flash and Wonder Woman. Obviously people will (likely) know the stories of Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern to a certain extent. but bringing in 2 characters who haven't had a stand-alone film since God-knows-when is a ballsy move

JLA doing Darkseid while Avengers does Thanos? HMMM.

I was thinking the same thing.

To be fair, The Avengers at least had Nick Fury. In all serious though it's not really a fair reflection on global society if the only people who are allowed to have superpowers are all from the same race.

Ha! I do actually like the idea of Flash being a Muslim women in a wheelchair.

Wonder Woman did at least have a TV show in the 70s but I know what you mean that most people are probably not going to remember it. Maybe they could write it so that Wonder Woman and The Flash are new to the team and get trained up by the other three.

And gun control. Except in abortion cases, just a 22, mind you, we don't want the mom to die. She'll roll into criminals' houses and give everyone giant brain vacuums and scissors. And then stone them to death

Yes yes, I can see it now. I can't wait for the follow-up stand-alone (sit-alone/roll-alone) Flash movie!

Jaime Murray could be a nice choice, although Bridget Regan has been my number choice since I saw her in Legend of the Seeker. I would maybe go with Anton Yelchin as The Flash. I don't know much about Joel Kinnaman as I haven't seen The Killing yet, but if they go with Hal Jordan I'm sure he'd be a good choice but if it's John Stewart I'd go with Idris Elba.

Came here to say this too! So will we see a Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman movie before 2015?
Heres to hoping Aquaman gets a cameo!

I thought Idris Elba too - great actor - but tried to avoid any actor/actress with any links to Marvel, as I'm sure DC will as well :)

She'll be born a gay man of course. And lead a normal, slow, lie of a life and marry and settle down. But when his life flips turns upside down, he inherits a super fast wheelchair and a King James Version of the Koran and comes out of the closet, devastating hits family of 5. Then he has a sex change and gets FF (an obvious dig at marvel) implants, yet keeps his penis and marries an equally free lesbian man born with a vagina so as not to be confused with a lesbian herself. And fights crime in a red costume. And thus the Flush is born

Hah! I think we're on track for a summer 2016 release. Better stop this discussion or we'll give away too much plot (and someone might get beheaded).

And when the global society starts writing wildly popular Comic books and making blockbuster movies maybe we'll see a wider range of races and religions depicted. Until then this as good as we're likely to get.


Nah, just white men happen to be the morons who screw around with radiation or go in for scientific experimentation (or inherit their parents fortune). Makes sense. Check out the Marvel characters who came by super powers naturally and you'll find a melting pot of society.

Beheaded by stoning. And now that the presidents black we can gave the president be white in movies again. Phew! I'm glad racism is a thing of the past. He'll be played by rampage in white-face and a fat suit. Picture nick nitro from small soldiers and we're on the same page

These are my possible Actors to portray the comic character:

Superman - Henry Cavill

Batman - either Armmie Hammer or Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Wonderwoman - Gina Corano

The Flash - Bradley Cooper

Green Lantern - Ryan Reynold

We may as well have the president be transgendered as well. (S)he will have a few first ladies/men/whatevers in a first-ever poly-amorous Whitehouse.

Jamie Murray and Milo Ventimiglia? This isnt going to be a tv movie!

Their adopted north korean children will of course be devil worshipping hipsters and the secret service: replaced by Colombian prostitutes, the very same ones from last years hijinks. All played by Sofia vergara. Gotta have Spanish people on there somewhere, but they won't speak Spanish cuz that would be stereotyping. She'll just speak whatever gibberish they speak in the gamma quadrant

And on a totally unrealistic twist the president will encourage and support the ousting of endearingly senile dictators and replace them with hard line Muslim dictators, and when Iran wants to do likewise he will turn his back and step into his office and take off his nick nitro mask, revealing his cyborg skull, and laugh the bloodcurdling maniacal laugh of a 5th dimension space hyena. Also all the children will also be played by Sofia vergara

One of the children discover (while using a DNA sequencing app on their iPhones) that they are the illegitimate spawn of Kim Jong-Il and Katharine Hepburn, who had a secret tryst in the 70s. This child flies to N. Korea in a stealth plane - build in the Whitehouse basement from crashed drone parts smuggled out of Iran - and goes one-on-one with Kim Jong-Un's in his gold-plated battle mech (this is for the sequel, naturally) for control of the country.

Back home in America, the hunt for the missing child leads the Columbian prostitute secret service to the door of Al Gore, who (played by Charlie Sheen, naturally) speaks fluent French Canadian (it's what they really speak in the gamma quadrant, FYI) and they bust out a lavish Bollywood dance number.

A Quentin Tarantino film. Written by m night shamalamadingdong. Musical score by Clint mansell no animals were not harmed in the making and watching of this film

Rolling stone calls it "...the funniest movie since I am Sam"

thought the same! I'm a marvel boy and will admit that Darkseid came first in the comics, but it in movie land who ever gets it to film first ...

Like Ryan Reynolds?

Too much, too soon.

Fingers crossed this means DC is getting its collective ass together.... Still reckon its gonna suck mind.

except for Henry Cavill, this is a fairly horrible lineup.

religion would be good for these films since it is also fiction

Line-up looks good, if a little safe. Would have been nice to have the Martian Manhunter in there but understand he's not exactly a big name outside of the core comics fanbase.

Expect Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus as the Wonder Twins...


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