Justice League lineup revealed

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25 Jan 2013 - 06:52
Justice League

It appears as though the five superheroes that will form the Justice League in the 2015 movie have been revealed.

As they have a habit of doing, the folks over at Latino Review have landed themselves another tasty superhero scoop, as their sources appear to have revealed the five core members that will form the Justice League in the movie due out in 2015. Ready for them? It looks as if the cinematic Justice League, for now at least, will be made up of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

No huge surprises there and it's sensible for them to focus on their most recognisable heroes if the film is to stand a fighting chance, not least because it's released around the same time as The Avengers 2. Of course, three out of the five have recent movies that establish the heroes involved (although expect a rebooted take on Green Lantern, we'd suspect) but the other two, whilst not having the same profile in recent times, are still well known characters.

There are rumours of a cameo or two in Justice League as well, but the focus will very much be on the aforementioned characters as they set out to save the earth from Darkseid. The film is of course still without a director and at this point the cast is also far from certain, so expect things to start falling in place pretty soon.

More on the Justice League movie when it's available.

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