UPDATED: New image surfaces from the RoboCop remake

News Ryan Lambie 24 Jan 2013 - 10:35

A new picture from the set of the RoboCop remake shows off an intriguing, intricate new type of metal humanoid...

Editor's note:

Hmmm. We keep seeming to fall foul of expensive lawyers whenever we write one of our generally very positive RoboCop reboot pieces. You might remember this happening before.

As always, Den Of Geek is keen to comply (in 30 seconds) with any alerted cases of "copyright infringement under the Copyright Act, Title 17 U.S Code Section 106(3)-(4)", and the original image that we used in this story - along with many other websites - sadly seems to be such a case. We are disappointed to report that we may also have violated "the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and The Universal Copyright Convention, as well as bilateral treaties with other countries that allow for protection of CPII 's copyrighted works even beyond U.S borders".

Obviously, we're incredibly apologetic for the huge distress our running of the promotional image has clearly caused, and dearly hope that the financial crater left by us doing so can be minimised.

To help minimise said distress, and to assure the lawyers who have been in touch with us that we have indeed followed their directive, we have updated this article with a picture that we hope is preferable. Again, our apologies for any inconvenience caused in our attempts to be nice to the new RoboCop film.

When the first candid images of the new RoboCop suit emerged last year, the online reaction wasn't particularly favourable. Comparisons were drawn to Batman and Iron Man, with some bemoaning the loss of the hulking form Rob Bottin brought to the 1987 original.

We're still waiting anxiously for a first proper look at what director Jose Padilha's done with his 21st century remake, but as usual, where official channels have remained quiet, unofficial sources have filled the information void. The image we see below is purportedly a prototype RoboCop called the EM-208 Humanoid Drone. It's essentially a foot soldier in OCP's army, and is intended to stride along the battlefield with the new, much larger ED-209.

Could Alex Kinnaman's RoboCop end up fighting an army of these things in the finished movie? It certainly looks like a villainous specimen.

More news on RoboCop as we get it. 


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I like it though it looks like War Machine has ripped off a Cylons head and swapped it with his

I have not seen anything from this remake that makes me want to go and see it.

Need a trailer to get a real idea of how it's going to play out. So far I can see too many other films creeping in onto this film. Batman/Street Hawk, and as Steven says, Iron Man.

I know this is a 'remake' but it is looking VERY un-original so far.

That looks better than the actual Robocop suit used in the movie. Very unispired by what I have seen so far.

I have been nerd-raging over this useless remake ever since I first heard about it. The original film is a masterpiece and doesn't need a reboot. We need a nerd-oversight committee in Hollywood to squash these things so they never see the light of day.

Looks a bit, and sounds a lot, like Whiplash's robots from Iron Man 2.

his name is Joel Kinnaman, not Alex.

I hope it doesn't rip off Iron Man too much. First thing I thought of when I saw this was 'Iron Monger', only an army of them like in Iron Man 2 and they were the weakest part of the movie.

He looks like a badass Terminator-inspired robot. How will it be used is the question I'd ask (along with 'Will the new Robocop suck tittyballs?')

This nerd committee starts here and it starts now. I put myself forward as a member... who's with me?

why isnt this guy robocop....damn. big tough kind slow looking...but effing bad ass

Looks okay, interested to see how the remake turns out in 2014. But will be hard to better the original.


Personally, I think this looks good.

Exactly right. The twats behind this should be made to sit through a big screen showing of the original Robocop. To show them how its done. And to leave it alone. Looking at the picture, that looks more like a proper hardcore Robocop than the guy in the leotard batsuit and stig helmet we have seen so far.

Me...I am in..

I bet this piece of crap wont even be better than Robocop 3! Which was pants. But it's cult pants!

I'm in.

Maybe you confused this with some new Iron Man 3 pic... i whish.

This is so sad.

I agree, I think it is a smart idea to judge a film before it has even come out. it's just the smart thing to do

Nerd nerd nerd nerd..I'm there..where do I sign up!!!!

I'm in as well, I think we're in agreement---the Robocop remake is completely unnecessary and a waste of a time and money! Can't those coke-addled, imagination-deprived imbeciles running Hollywood just leave classic movies alone? As long as we the moviegoers keep lining for needless remakes, they'll still be profitable enough that the studios will crapping them out. Vote with your dollars, people!

Count me in... I call the President slot... FIRST!!!

As my first act as President of the Nerd Committee, I hereby issue executive order #1 denouncing the 'RoboCop' remake both pointless, needless, and an affront to nerdism the world over...

All members say 'aye' or 'nay'... results are binding, drinks and teenage midget hookers after the vote...

I'm in!

The remakes never do justice to the originals. By the same token, "new generations" of audiences seem to be allergic to enjoying a classic with old actors.

Good actor, good director, nerd rage points to a surprise hit.

Why do people get so angry about remakes? You realize you don't actually have to see these movies.

You all need to chill. Except for the original movie, the RoboCop franchise has been terrible thus far. Two crap sequels, woeful direct-to-DVD films and god-awful animated and live action shows aimed at kids, all succeeded in completely bastardizing the character. I'll reserve judgment on the new film until I see it. After all, it couldn't possibly be as bad as most of the garbage that has preceded it.

Surely the fact that each Robocop sequel got progressively worse should make the idiots "rebooting" this think twice. And did they learn nothing from 'Total Rehash 2012" and the disaster that was (a remake pretty much everybody derided before it came out as "unwanted" and that didn't make either what the original made nor even its own budget, in cinemas)? I'd hoped the flop of that film would finally mark a turning point for all these unimaginative "reimaginings", but it seems not.

I hereby rename this film, 'Roboflop'

MGM idiots.

Roboparsnip? You mean Robocrop surely

I'd just stop reporting or reviewing on this movie if I were you. And when they come asking you to help them sell it in six months time, point them to your email and tell them to stuff it.

Ha! Roboparsnip strikes back. I do hope (if we ever get a screening) that all official imagery is replaced by this. The interviews should be interesting too...

Now thats what I am talking about. DO IT! It makes sense!

No you are right they dont need to see them. But I think the points are these -
They dont need remaking
The originals were / are / will always be better in 99% of cases
It sullies and taints the original
Some young people will go to see it having never seen it before and think it IS the original , and thats tragic...
Hollywood is out of ideas and people want new stuff and not crap remakes
And so on.

So, are film companies ever going to realise it's 2013 and start to act accordingly? Sending out threatening messages from lawyers to film websites that are promoting your film is not the way to go any more. They need to be fostering relationships with film blogs for free promotion and good word of mouth. They should not be treating them like crap. It really just shows how antiquated the film studio model of promotion is nowadays...

I agree. Stop giving them all this free press and ignore the film completely.

This is one of the best responses to copyright notices I've ever seen!

Are the reboot-Robocop PR staff aware of the damage they are causing getting lawers involved all the time? It's getting beyond silly now... Do they expect us to hand over our cash on release day without any prior knowledge of the movie or it's quality? They really need to understand that this is how many decide which movie to choose from when going to the cinema... What they are doing implys that they are relying solely on the reputation of the original film to sell tickets... With so much dross being produced by Hollywood (Total Recall remake for example) I can't/won't take a gamble on a film without info on the production...

I'll be Minister of Fandom!

All very true, but isn't it also bringing an old idea to a new generation? Very few kids would bother with something 10 - 15 years old anyway. At least this way they become aware of it and have a chance at looking up the slightly-better original...

Or better yet, just dont make it at all like I said. And re release the classic in the cinema with promotion and call it a retro re release, a classic you need to see again etc for a new generation. They can then get to see what a proper 18 action movie is supposed to be like and not the modern crap we get now. That way they get to see the better original in the cinema...hehehehe all valid arguments from everyone but you can never convince me this Roboparsnip is going to be any good at all.........

Just the fact that they wont let Den of Geek put up anything about it, no pictures, nothing so we have a parsnip in a tin foil hat instead, tells you all you need to know about the mentality of the people behind the film. Its crap, they know its crap, they know that YOU know its crap, but with a media blackout they hope you will pay to see it before you realise its CRAP......Because by then they have your money you have lost 2 hours of your life you will never get back. And they can call it a success like Indy 4 was, and make another crap sequel to it and fleece more money from you again.....its just stupid. Not that I am cynical or anything.....

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