Director and producer talk G.I. Joe Retaliation

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24 Jan 2013 - 09:25

Jon M Chu and Lorenzo di Bonaventura chat about the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel...

We're looking forward to G.I. Joe: Retaliation a great deal, and as the release draws closer, here's what producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been saying about the sequel:

“I really wanted to make the second film more grounded to get a greater sense of grit. The action pictures I've been involved in are ones where when a guy gets punched you really feel the punch and when someone gets shot, you really feel the shot. When Jon came in, that was one of the things he said to me that made me go, 'Okay, we're really going to do the picture together.”

Jon M Chu has also been talking about the film, particularly focussing on one of the key fights between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow that draws inspiration from the Silent Interlude storyline in the Marvel Comics run and plays out for ten minutes without dialogue and without a score:

“That was where it all started. Obviously ninjas are a really big part of the movie and we thought that would make it unique from other franchises to have both the military and the ninja side. We wanted to make sure we were doing something really, really, different with ninjas that we had never done before. Because they have masks on and they don't talk anyway. It was the perfect sort of place. You could tell a story with their fighting.”

He went on to explain how they chose to have no accompanying score to the aforementioned scene: “...we had a score a long time ago. Then we just played it once when I was with the sound effects guys without the music just to hear the effects. It was so awesome we were like 'we need to have their whole fight without music!' We brought it in and tried it and knew people would freak out a little, but it was so awesome we just had to do it.”

This sounds pretty great to us. While there are countless examples of a score enhancing on screen action, the choice to leave a scene without accompanying music can be just as effective when used in the right way. Here's hoping it's as awesome as Chu says.

G.I. Joe Retaliation is released on the 27th March.

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