Simon Pegg talks The World's End

News Glen Chapman 23 Jan 2013 - 07:21

Simon Pegg has been chatting about the concluding instalment of the Cornetto Trilogy, The World's End...

Simon Pegg has been trying on all manner of fancy clothes and having his photo taken for a fashion shoot of late, and took the time to chat about the concluding instalment of the Cornetto Trilogy, The World's End. Here's what he had to say:

“[Edgar and I] make comedies and both love genre cinema but neither Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz are parodies. The World's End isn't a send up in any way, in fact we've gone out of our way not to populate the film with references to other movies, In order to avoid that label."

He continues by discussing the tissue that connects the films:

“The theme that will bind the three films together is a preoccupation with the struggle of the individual against the collective. Shaun Vs Zombies, Angel Vs the NWA, Gary King Vs (???). Thematically it will all make sense when the three films can be viewed consecutively. This sounds lofty but they form a dialectic sequence, which I hope film students will write essays about. Shaun Of The Dead = evolution, Hot Fuzz = devolution, The World's End = revolution. Jesus, you can take the boy out of Bristol University drama department...”

So there you have it. We will get to see if it all ties in as nicely as suggested above when The World's End is released on August 14th. It's a film, as you might have guessed, that we're immensely looking forward to.

Blake London

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Shaun and Fuzz are two of my favourite movies of all-time. My expectations could not be higher.

it's like poetry, they rhyme...

I went to a Pub Called the World's End the other day. that HAS to be the pub they're aiming for. Nice pub.

I hope this great like the first two. Paul was such a disappointment.

Just like "Shaun", I think it will be a film that grows on me and improves with every watch, culminating in it being one of my favourites of all time (SofD).

I still believe to this day that the phrase "Cornetto Trilogy" was made up on the spot in some interview somewhere and they have just perpetuated the con for $hits and giggles - would sum up the Pegg/Wright sense of humour!

I could be wrong but i do believe they eat Cornetto in each movie...maybe to give it a tangible link. Nick Frost is eating it on the couch during Shaun, they are both eating it in the car when Simon Pegg has a revelation about "no luck catching them killers". Maybe that has something to do with it

They call it the Blood and Icecream Trilogy, not Cornetto.

Why does everything have to be a trilogy?

Paul wasn't directed by Edgar Wright though. I also haven't seen it so I can't agree/disagree

It's actually referred to as both. In shaun its a red cornetto, to symbolize the blood and gore of the movie....while in Hot Fuzz its the original blue in hott fuzz to symbolize the police...its rumored that the third "at worlds end" is green. Cheers!

Why no movie references :( It's the reason I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but I'm still looking forward to it, I hope it Realy is the End of the world in the movie rather than just a pub name.

Paul should be part of the Trilogy, It was a great Film. Funny without being a parody.

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