Zack Snyder's Star Wars samurai spin-off movie?

News Ryan Lambie 14 Jan 2013 - 19:36
Star Wars

According to new insider reports, Zack Snyder could be about to make a Star Wars spin-off movie with a Kurosawa-inspired story...

As the rumour mill surrounding the identity of Star Wars Episode VII's director continues to hum, some new and quite unexpected reports have come in about another movie based on George Lucas's franchise.

According to Vulture's shadowy sources, director Zack Snyder could be about to direct a Star Wars spin-off movie. This will be separate from the trilogy already planned, and will, the story goes, be based on the classic Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai. This means we could see a group of honourable Jedi defending lowly farmers from bandits somewhere in a galaxy far, far away within the next few years.

Lucas has always been vocal about his love of Kurosawa cinema, and it's a well known fact that The Hidden Fortress was a big influence on Star Wars, a film which is shot through with all sorts of references to Japanese cultural history. With this in mind, Vulture's story certainly sounds plausible, even if it seems a little early to be planning a side-story when there's still a central trilogy to sort out.

If true, we suspect that Man Of Steel's critical and financial reception will have some bearing on whether Snyder's project goes ahead. More news on this and other Star Wars movies as we get it.


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Good luck to him. Although in truth, I'd prefer 13 Assassins in the Star Wars universe.

Or a completely original story.

Now this, I'm looking forward to. Kinda like Keanu's 47 Ronin.

There's been some great Kurosawa inspired Clone Wars episodes, check em out for how good this could be as a film!

You mean...there could be an "8 FOR ADUBA-3" MOVIE?

Already saw it, it was called Battle Beyond the Stars.

Exactly what I was thinking!

This story has now been officially debunked by Snyder's representatives... so that's that then! I just hope Disney make the upcoming trilogy and leave it that, but I know they won't, they have a $4bn investment to make a bountiful return on, and if you think George Lucas pimped out 'Star Wars' for all he was worth in recent years, you ain't seen nothing yet... sigh, I'll just take the original Trilogy's theatrical versions on nicely remastered/restored DVD's and then I'm done with 'Star Wars'...

truly original stories are hard to come by, the best we can hope for is a movie with great influences to draw from.

I just died.

I mean, Disney AND Samurai...god. I thought the prequel trilogy destroyed the franchise enough....

And me! Heh....Christ I am getting old! I went to see it in the Cinema when I was a kid and it only got made BECAUSE StarWars was so popular...George Peppard...God rest him...what a guy, and Robert Vaughn....happy days. I was so upset when they all got killed. So I dont think I want to see another Magnificent 7 / Battle Beyond the Stars when all the goodies get killed apart from is depressing enough at the moment as it is, without going looking for extra misery....

Amen. Have you seen the Despecialised Editions? Google them and download them. Its the original films taken from Laser Disk and remastered and released with covers etc the works. I got them last year, and dont feel guilty, because I own the trilogy on VHS and DvD. They are as good as you are going to get. Perfect quality, Han Shoots first, no CGI gonks, original music etc etc. However I have to say the films do look pretty dated now, effects wise. If Lucas would put it out again, without all the extra crap / CGI Jabba and with the music left alone, just the Deathstar battle tweaked as it was in the special ed and it would be perfect. Anyhoo if you are a serious fan and want the version EVERYONE wants, then just google star wars despecialized editions and get it from the web / torrent etc. You wont be disapointed. Let me know if you do as I would be interested to know what you think of them...

Davros dude, there's no need to download fan-made editions online, EACH AND EVERY piece of 35mm film in the Lucasfilm archives has been digitized and the OT's theatrical versions are in perfect and pristine digital condition tucked away in a hard drive at Skywalker Ranch as we speak, if you don't believe me, then watch the 'Empire of Dreams' documentary (you can view the whole two-and-a-half hours of it on Youtube, type in 'Star Wars Original Trilogy Documentary'), contained therein is perfectly pristine AND ANAMORPHIC footage of the 1977 film's theatrical version - minus the 'Episode IV: A New Hope' title - that could be released tomorrow if the will was there.

According to insider sources at Lucasfilm, the master plan by Lucas was to eventually release ALL versions and archive material relating to 'Star Wars' over a 50-year period, the reason for this was to cover the enormous overhead costs of running Lucasfilm itself, so on top of merchandise sales, the continual re-releasing across multiple formats (theatrical and home release) of the films was a purely commercial decision... as was deliberately withholding the OT's theatrical versions, of which, Lucas had EVERY INTENTION of eventually releasing, but not for a while so as to keep the fans hanging on with the prospect of and for a future and no-doubt lucrative release of said theatrical versions.

But with Lucasfilm now owned wholly by the House of Mouse (Disney), Lucas no longer has either executive control or veto on when or how the 'Star Wars' films are released in the future, meaning it's more likely than not that 20th Century Fox (who owns the 1977 film in perpetuity and has distribution rights to the other five until 2020) will see the writing on the wall and release the OT's theatrical versions to coincide with the release of Episode VII in 2015... they could do it tomorrow if they wanted, but a release to tie-in with the new film(s) would be infinitely more lucrative... long as it happens, I can wait two more years...

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