Jurassic Park 4 release date announced

News Ryan Lambie 12 Jan 2013 - 10:11

The long-in-development Jurassic Park 4 will be with us soon, with a summer 2014 release date announced...

When Universal suggested that it wanted to have a fourth Jurassic Park movie in cinemas by 2014, there was always part of our brain that didn't quite believe it. After all, talks of Jurassic Park 4 have been swirling for well over a decade, with precious little to show for it all. And when some abandoned concept art emerged from the production last year, showing some downright bizarre mutant dinosaur-dog combinations, we were somewhat relieved that those ideas had fallen by the wayside.

Since then, we've learned that Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes fame) have been hard at work on the script, and the word is that the latest draft is complete. And here's the exciting bit: Universal has set Jurassic Park's release date for 13th June 2014 - in 3D, naturally.

This, of course, is good news. What's somewhat perplexing is that, with a year-and-a-bit until release and the film still in pre-production, the movie doesn't even have a director yet. Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg are producing, but who'll actually shout through the megaphone hasn't been decided.

It's possible that Jurassic Park III's Joe Johnston could return to direct again. Or with Robopocalypse now delayed, maybe Spielberg will think about taking over instead. Whoever takes over, they'll no doubt be moving quickly to get this effects-heavy movie filmed and in post-production.

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yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! JURASSIC PARK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love this franchise!

I'm not sure if I can get excited about this. The first one was excellent but the other two didn't really add anything to the series.

Well, let's get some great new dinosaurs and a script that's as simple and intense as the first one!

Must go faster.

The second was made for sequels sake, whilst they made the third without a finished script and cut the ending short. This fourth one seems to have had some legitimate time invested in it, with redrafts and concept art being evaluated, with a decade to mull the concept over. I'm more hopeful for this than I was for 2 or 3. :)

Really really hoping Steven Spielberg gets his ass in the chair for this one. Get the franchise properly back on track. Needs Sam Neil, Laura Dern and Jeff Gold bloom back in the fold too.
Back to the one track, fast paced thriller... Like the original and Ss's Jaws.
Back to classic Spielberg please.

I love JP3. Much better than The Lost World. It's fast paced, exciting and funny. Plus it features a velociraptor calling Alan by name...

The only way I'd be up for this is if they make a proper event out of it.

Bring the original cast back together, get Spielberg to direct and Williams to score. Go back to the original island where the once immaculate park we all know so well is now in ruins, etc.

We don't need anymore half-hearted efforts like 2 and 3, and if done correctly, this movie could redeem the entire franchise.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was fantastically written and I have hope for this.

I Want To See Ariana Richards In Jurassic Park 4.

Haha I've Never Seen The Movies So Don't have a Clue what The Movies are Like I am though going to watch them lets hope they are good Movies to Watch

Not to mention Barney the Dinosaur! :D I love both the second and third, and think they only get such a battering because they carry the 'Jurassic Park' name. They're not comparable to the original, but hugely enjoyable all the same. :)

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