ILM's must-see Avengers visual effects video

Viral Video Ryan Lambie 11 Jan 2013 - 08:41

In the wake of its Oscar nomination, ILM has released a spectacular video which looks at how the effects for The Avengers were produced...

Although everyone will inevitably have their own ideas about who should or should not have received a mention on yesterday's Oscar nominations list, we'd suggest that Industrial Light & Magic's visual effects nod was a logical choice. Its work on Joss Whedon's The Avengers was often extraordinary, providing the necessary epic sweep to 2012's biggest blockbuster.

In the wake of their nomination, ILM has released a behind-the-scenes effects reel from The Avengers, showcasing the countless hours of effort that went into generating all those demolished buildings, cyborg serpents, and what is inarguably the most convincing version of The Hulk yet seen.

For anyone interested in 3D modelling or visual effects, this is essential viewing. And for those who aren't - yes, CG artists really do build things out of little components like virtual Lego...

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brilliant :)

Lest ye not forgot in some scenes a completly CGI Scarlet Johannsen! Amazing. I would love for the Avengers to win this award.

Hulk punching Thor nr the end there, makes me chuckle everytime. Genious.

Just as entertaining as the movie..still makes me laugh..brilliant

CGI is a mixed blessing. If you don't have the money or the right team it can look terrible but in the Avengers the smallest details were well handled and Hulk just looked brilliant.

Exactly. I saw this film three times in the theatre and many more times on BluRay and had no idea half of those effects where CG. It's incredible what they have accomplished. Huge budgets are required still, but all that talent and time doesn't come cheaply. And it obviously paid off. Go Avengers!

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