Godzilla: Aaron Taylor-Johnson for the lead role?

News Ryan Lambie 11 Jan 2013 - 08:13

Reports suggest that Kick-Ass' Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be set to play the lead in Gareth Edwards' Godzilla...

It's the end of a news-filled week for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla movie, with the departure of three producers and the revelation that Frank Darabont has been signed up to provide a late-hour script rewrite.

We've also heard rumours about the shortlist of actors who might take on the film's lead, with Henry Cavill, Scoot McNairy and Caleb Landry Jones among the would-be suitors. But in typical Hollywood rumour fashion, the actor who's reportedly been offered the starring role is one that never appeared to be on the list in the first place - Kick-Ass himself, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The word is that, although he's interesed, Taylor-Johnson hasn't agreed to the role yet, and is waiting to read Darabont's rewrite. No pressure then, Frank.

If Chud's reports of a Warner Bros advertising seminar are correct, Godzilla's central (human) character's a soldier, who presumably views the kaiju's city-demolishing exploits from street level. It's also said there'll be two monsters for Godzilla to get his claws into - which seems to tally with descriptions of the footage shown at last year's Comic-Con, which was said to feature a "gigantic centipede-like monster".

All being well, Godzilla will be out in UK cinemas on the 16th May 2014.

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I think it's important here that the script doesn't stray too far from the original, so if he doesn't say 'that's a lot of fish' I'll be devastated.............. :-)

He's way to small to play Godzilla...

the original as in the actual original or the shoddy American version?

The original as in - if it needs explaining to you, it's already way too far over your head to bother.

The shoddy American Version

Low angle, overcranked, long lens, he'll be fine.

Considering there had been 28 Godzilla movies before the shoddy american version you could hardly call that version the 'original', or is that too far over you're head.;-)

Good lord some people are thick. I was clearly taking the piss out of the situation and I am fully aware of the Toho films, most of which I own, coming long before the American version. Clearly that was over your head! No use of a smiley this time as it's tragic that I have to come on her and explain it!

My apologies. From your first post you sounded like a fourteen year old with the glove puppet.

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