Interstellar: Christopher Nolan's next movie?

News Ryan Lambie 10 Jan 2013 - 06:43
Christopher Nolan returns to the mind-twisting of Memento and the sci-fi of The Prestige woth Inception.

Christopher Nolan is reportedly in talks to direct the sci-fi movie Interstellar...

Now that Christopher Nolan has finished his Dark Knight trilogy, speculation has been rife about what the director might approach next. Unlike the garrulous Guillermo del Toro, Nolan's a famously secretive filmmaker, and he rarely talks openly about future projects.

Yet according to the Hollywood Reporter's sources, the identity of Nolan's next film may have been uncovered. It's called Interstellar, a science fiction film about "time travel and alternate dimensions" and explorers travelling through wormholes. The script is by Jonathan Nolan, Christopher's brother and frequent collaborator, and is described as a complex story based on the scientific theories of astrophysicist Kip Thorne.

While this is little more than a rumour for now, it certainly has a ring of truth about it; Nolan tackles all his movies with an eye on some sort of realism, and the premise sounds like something that might interest him. This may be wishful thinking on our part, though, since the idea of Nolan directing such a project sounds almost too good to be true.

One thing we do know is that Interstellar is a real script - it's been floating around Hollywood for at least three or four years, with Steven Spielberg attached to direct before he opted for  (the now delayed) Robopocalypse instead. If it goes ahead, the movie will be a co-production between Paramount and Warner.

Could Nolan be about to direct his own 2001: A Space Odyssey? We'll keep you posted. 

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"Could Nolan be about to direct his own 2001: A Space Odyssey?
We'll keep you posted. "

Woah, we're comparing this guy to Kubrick now?

No way Dar, no comparison! Nolan would blow Kubrick out of the water!

And then we all wake up.

Kubrick's films are highly overrated I'm afraid.

Kubrick was good (was because he is dead) Nolan IS the next big thing and can be given time be as good

I don't think you can really compare Nolan with Kubrick. I like Nolan and I hope Interstellar turns out to be brilliant as there is not enough sci-fi films being produced, but Kubrick worked in different genres and his movies are often considered to be one of the best in that genre. For example, Space Odyssey, one of the best sci-fi films, The Shining, one of the best horrors, Dr. Strangelove, one of the best comedies, Full Metal Jacket, one of the best war films.

I don't think the writer of this article was comparing Nolan to Kubrick. In fact, if you can read, and I'm sure you all can, you can see he is in no way comparing the two.

He is saying he could be about to make his own stand out masterpiece. His possible game changer.

As are your opinions on modern cinema.

And Inception wasn't?
It's good but that's all.

Still let's not let facts get in the way of internet hype, eh?

The Shining, one of the best horrors! What have you been smoking? The Shining is not a horror film!

The Shining is a horror. It's classed as a psychological horror.

Full Metal Jacket goes down hill after boot camp and The Shining is a very flawed horror film. But I agree on Space Odyssey and Dr Strangelove.

Inception was my film of the decade. I really though hollywood was bouncing back out of a rut after seeing that.

Nolan tried a complex story with "Inception" and that was a mess.

I agree that Full Metal Jacket loses something after boot camp but the second half is still very good. The Shining, and I agree, it has its flaws but the delivery of the dialogue and those intense tracking shots make it a very special imperfect film. Despite the fact their not perfect, I'd still say that both Full Metal Jacket and The Shining are two of the best in their own genre. There are better movies, like Apocalypse Now and Deer Hunter for War and The Thing and perhaps Jaws for horror but they'd both make the top 5 in my opinion.

Just what we need, another time travel movie.

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