The Last Exorcism Part II: first trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 9 Jan 2013 - 08:23

Ashley Bell returns in the shadowy first trailer for The Last Exorcism Part II....

Although the exorcism and found footage genres have been well trodden in recent years, 2010's The Last Exorcism was a surprisingly sharp and intense exercise in creeping terror. Featuring some great, creepy performances from Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell and Caleb Landry Jones, the movie cleverly played with genre expectations.

Ashley Bell returns for the sequel, due out in March, which makes the surprising move of ditching the found footage angle of its predecessor. Following on from the events of the first film (which we won't describe for fear of spoiling it), Bell's character Nell Sweetzer finds herself in New Orleans and quite unable to remember the events of the previous few months. But as the promo below proves, it's not long before the past begins to catch up with her.

The Last Exorcism Part II opens on the 15th March in the UK.

First Showing

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Well that's an oxymoron, you can't have a sequel to something that was the last.

exactly my thought. But maybe their usage of the word last is different. Not last- the final one, but last- the previous one.

Aha! That would mess with quite a few film titles in an amusing way. Last Man Standing - a film about the last man to have been seen standing. Last of the Samurai. Last action Hero - yeah, they come through here all the time!

I really enjoyed the last movie and think this trailer looks rather good (I like the fact that they seem to have dropped the documentary format). Ive seen a lot of people commenting on the "silly title" around the web but I think for this movie it actually works. The Last Exorcism was based around The Reverend Cotton Marcus' Last exorcism not the character of Nell who was "exorcised" ( who is the main focus in this movie more so than the last). That and the fact that the title adds part 2 (SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST MOVIE FOLLOW) its possible that as the exorcism of the first film was not completed successfully it continues into this movie, the deaths of the other characters including The Reverend Cotton Marcus (who apparently appears in this one, flashback?) mean this is Nell's last exorcism instead or a a new character performing their last exorcism. Of course it could be a load of bull to make money but im optimistic on the trailer alone

Dropping the found footage format is kind of annoying in the sense that the ongoing narrative no longer makes much sense (even though the first movie cheated a lot, with mysterious second cameras popping up frequently). That being said, the first instalment really was an impressive film, so I have high hopes for this one...

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