There's another Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the works

News Ryan Lambie
9 Jan 2013 - 07:11

The unexpected success of Texas Chainsaw 3D has already hastened the production of a sequel...

"It was a bloody good decision," Millennium Films' boss Avi Lerner said of his company's purchase of the rights to the Texas Chainsaw franchise. A hideous pun it may be, but the unexpected success of the latest film in the series, Texas Chainsaw 3D, saw it earn back a shade over its budget of $20 million over the weekend.

With those figures still ringing in its ears, Millennium is planning what has been dubbed Texas Chainsaw 4 (odd, given that it's actually the eighth film in the franchise, assuming we've counted correctly), which it plans to move into production this year.  While it remains to be seen where the series' makers can take Leatherface and his chainsaw next, the rumours that the studio has the rights to make six more sequels after this one means that, whether critics like the movies or not, we could be seeing many more of them in the years to come.


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