Shadow Of The Colossus adaptation has a writer

News Ryan Lambie
8 Jan 2013 - 09:01

Sony has signed Hanna's writer for its adaptation of the videogame, Shadow Of The Colossus...

If you've never played Fumito Ueda's 2005 game Shadow Of The Colossus, it's perhaps best described as a kind of interactive tone poem. Although it could be pigeonholed as an action platformer with puzzle elements, it was the game's minimalist atmosphere and sense of desolation which marked it out as something truly special.

Sony has had a movie adaptation of its PlayStation 2 game in development for some time, with Chronicle director Josh Trank attached as its director. Justin Marks (the writer of Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li) wrote an initial version of the script, which might sound like vaguely worrying news for some, but the latest word is that Canadian writer Seth Lochhead is now onboard to work on a new draft.

Lochhead is a relatively new writer, but his first feature screenplay, Hanna (which he co-wrote with David Farr), was excellent, and Joe Wright's handling of the story - about a superhuman teenage assassin - was memorably off-beat.

There was a sense of loneliness to Hanna, too, in places, which might be what attracted Shadow Of The Colossus' producers to Lochhead. Indeed, one of the major challenges the adaptation's filmmakers face is making a workable movie out of such a simple premise; Shadow's uncluttered simplicity was a major part of its brilliance, and additional character motivations, dialogue and moments of comic relief would surely do little more than pollute it.

Nevertheless, Hanna was itself a simple tale, and unafraid to indulge in moments of eerie calm and reflection. So with Lochhead joining Josh Trank (who proved he could make a stunning effects movie on a budget with Chronicle), maybe the movie can capture the same unique tone as the videogame.


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