Guillermo del Toro confirms DC's Dark Universe movie

News Ryan Lambie 8 Jan 2013 - 08:08

Swamp Thing, The Demon and Deadman are three of the characters who'll appear in DC's confirmed Dark Universe movie...

Warner Bros and DC are already working their Justice League movie, of course, but according to director Guillermo del Toro, they're also planning to create a team-up film based on a selection of more unusual characters in their stable.

The project is currently being planned under the name Dark Universe, and will, del Toro says, feature such much loved characters as Swamp Thing ("For me, he's a rock star", the filmmaker enthused), The Demon, John Constantine, Deadman, The Spectre, Zatanna and Zatara.

Dark Universe is still in its early stages, with del Toro working on the outline and an as-yet unannounced writer working on the script.

"Yeah, yeah, we're doing it," del Toro said in an interview with IGN. "I'm working on the outline and we're in talks with a writer - a very, very good writer. He accepted."

When asked whether the success of The Avengers had prompted Warner Bros' interest in producing movies featuring gangs of superheroes, del Toro suggested that it was their confidence in Man Of Steel that hastened the movement on Justice League and Dark Universe.

"The movement for this happened before [Avengers] even," he said. "They were already galvanised to launch Justice League and make their universe cohesive. What I feel now is they're really, with Superman, very confident. They have two pillars - Batman and Superman - they have a darker tone. An urban and sophisticated tone."

If you're wondering why del Toro's in the news so much lately - his turning down Star Wars Episode VII, his renewed attempts to make At The Mountains Of Madness, or the new trailer for his Pacific Rim - it's because he's promoting Mama, the Spanish supernatural movie he executive produced with director  Andres Muschietti. That movie arrives in UK cinemas on the 22nd February. And with del Toro's Pacific Rim out this summer, expect lots more from this famously garrulous filmmaker to appear in the news soon.

We'll bring you lots more on Dark Universe as we hear it.


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As much as I love Superman and Batman I just can't get excited about the JLA film. It may have been in the planning stages for a long time but it will always look and feel like an attempt to cash in on The Avengers.

Now this project is much more like it and with GDT on board it is sure to be a fascinating take on some of DC's more interesting and darker characters. This is something I can actually get excited about!

So from reading that, 'Dark Universe' will be set in the same universe as JLA and Man of Steel?!

yes they have already stated that MoS will hint at being appart of the JLA world so it would make sence that the dark universe is included as well

Man, I'd be terribly excited about this if it had a hope in hell of actually happening.

John Constantine might appear, eh? He'd better be blond, English and ideally more like he was in 'The Swamp Thing' and early 'Hellblazer.' In my opinion the more various writters have done with him and his life, the less interesting he's become. As for that feeble Keanu Reeves travesty, the less said the better.

I agree and I think Supes and Bats are just too strong as solo characters to feature in any teamup. Ironman and Cap America seem like people who need team mates, but Supes and Bats just don't need the help.
Is Dark Universe a 'thing' then or just made up for this movie? It sounds a bit 'forced' from the description.

Deadman and Zatanna have my ticket sold, for two very different reasons

in the full interview Del Toro says he wants the comic version.

Not sure, not being a big DC reader, but mention of Del Toro, Swamp Thing & Constantine in the same sentence alone were enough to peak my interest!

Sound like a reworking of the existing DC title Justice League Dark. Still if anyone can do it justice it's del Torro

I prefer the sound of this to JLA; it can go in a very different direction to Avengers and introduce lots of DC characters to the screen.

Zatanna? Hell yeah! Although slightly disappointed that she isn't, therefore, going to turn up in the JLA movie.

goddammit! Just make Hellboy 3 and be done with it!

Definitely sounds like an adaptation of JL Dark, which is enough to pique me interest. This would definitely be a perfect fit for del Torro, if anyone could put together a good movie based on team of supernatural misfits it's him....

I agree as well. I really hope JLA turns out to be amazing but I'm not that excited about it for now. However, Dark Universe just sounds like it's going to kick ass. It has some of my favourite characters. If they make a sequel then it would be cool if they introduced the Sandman as it doesn't look like he'll be getting a solo movie anytime soon.

Competing with Marvel by making Justice League seems a silly idea, but DC making films about their darker characters, with a more adult tone? Sounds great. Audiences will reach saturation point with superheroes if DC tackle Marvel head on, so focussing on their Vertigo characters would be a better.

Constantine's first appearances were in Swamp Thing, though...

Please please please let Neil Gaiman be involved with this. Either implicitly with some of his Endless showing up or explicitly as the "very, very good writer".

Keanu Reeves? Please, please, NO. Getting him for that part was just a cheap, nasty cop-out for narrow-minded studio execs who couldn't imagine American audiences wanting to watch a film without an American lead actor. One of the writers said that this would supposedly make the film more "international." Presumably he had no sense of irony or was just a twat.

But if they introduce her (and others) in a film like this then they can pop up in other DCCU films (providing any of this happens)...

Not as far as I know. I think the closest thing would probably be the Justice League Dark book that launched last year. I haven't read any of it myself, but it has a pretty similar set-up to this Dark Universe pitch.

Zatanna is hot, more of an observation than a comment but she is sexy.

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