Pacific Rim: CES trailer shows new footage

Trailer Ryan Lambie 8 Jan 2013 - 07:20

A new trailer for Pacific Rim provides a more detailed look at the movie's giant robots. Plus: fighting...

At first glance, this new Pacific Rim trailer, which debuted at the Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, looks remarkably similar to the one we saw a few weeks ago. Closer inspection, however, reveals some new shreds of footage, including a closer look at how humans interface with those huge robots.

Director Guillermo del Toro's said before that Pacific Rim is his poem to giant monster movies, and from what we've seen so far, it's clear that both he and his army of artists have paid close attention to giving the film's mecha a real weight and patina.

So far, though, we've only seen brief flashes of the monsters those robots (or Jaegers) fight - is that something we'll see in future trailers, we wonder, or will they be left as a surprise for the main feature? While we're eager to see more, we're quietly hoping the latter is true.

Pacific Rim opens on the 12th July in the UK.

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While I hope this is great, I've yet to see anything in a trailer that's particularly awe-inspiring & I can't see this being a major hit unless there's some seriously good reviews/word of mouth - it really does come across simply as Transformers vs Godzilla, but without the brand recognition of either of those. The shot of the robot being punched and flying over a freeway could have been lifted directly from anyone of the Transformers films

The effects look good, but then that's par for the course these days - the effects in Battleship looked good, didn't make me (or many others) want to see the film. Also I don't think the Del Toro name alone is enough to make this a hit - he's big in the film-geek world, but not what I'd call an A-lister among the movie going public - Hellboy & Hellboy 2 were hardly busting blocks anywhere.

Hope I'm proved wrong though and this turns out to be a sizable hit and the movie Transformers should have been.

"it really does come across simply as Transformers vs Godzilla".. you make it sound like a bad thing?!

It really isn't but some people can't appreciate a movie for what it is. This movie, like the Godzilla franchise and the Transformers franchise, is the type you watch purely for the action. The type of film that indulges your childhood fantasies you had as you played with toys, and in many cases played out the exact same scenario behind this film's plot, fulfilling a simple dream to see robots and monsters fighting the way you imagined it as a child.

Don't go to see this film with expectations of it being an academy award contender. See it to satisfy to part of yourself that just wants to see fictional mayhem on a large scale the way you could only imagine, and it's guaranteed to do well, without the need for any sort of brand recognition.

It is. Brundles is right - this is starting to look unnervingly similar to the tripe Michael Bay puts out. If this movie doesn't have something interesting behind it that it isn't putting in these trailers, we will just end up with a few hours of robots punching things. Again.

Godzilla + Power Rangers = This awful piece of s**t.

Lots of pessimism about this film and I don't understand why. To me it looks great, and del Toro is very good at what he does.

Regarding the shot of the robot flying across the bridge - in Transformers there was little sense of mass to the robots. They moved very quickly. Here, there seems to be some great weight to the actions, as if those robots are BIG and HEAVY. I like that. It works better.

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