Guillermo del Toro's Mountains Of Madness: a ray of hope?

Guillermo del Toro to start shooting At The Mountains Of Madness

Director Guillermo del Toro's offered the possibility that his At The Mountains Of Madness project may still be alive...

Guillermo del Toro's one of those directors who constantly has a dozen projects spinning at once, it seems. As well as working on the post production for this summer's Pacific Rim, and serving as producer on the Spanish horror film Mama (out on the 22nd February), he's also been writing Hobbit scripts, preparing a ghost movie called Crimson Peak, and a dark, animated adaptation of Pinocchio.

One of the films we were really looking forward to was del Toro's At The Mountains Of Madness, an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's chilly novella of fear in the Antarctic. When everything was going perfectly well (the summer of 2010 seemed to be the sweet spot), Tom Cruise was attached as the star, James Cameron was on board as producer, and filming was set to commence in June 2011.

Creative differences - plus a smidgeon of studio nervousness - appeared to spell the end of the project, as Universal refused to green the project as an R-rated picture. And by April last year, del Toro stated that the similarity of Prometheus' plot to Mountains Of Madness - with its pitiless Old Gods and tentacled monsters - meant that his film could see a "long pause - if not demise".

In an interview with The Playlist, however, del Toro has suggested that he may be willing to try to find a new studio for At The Mountains Of Madness.

"I'm going to try it one more time," del Toro said. "Once more into the dark abyss. We're gonna do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studio's] interested."

Del Toro has stated that Tom Cruise is still interested in starring in the movie ("He's been such a great ally of the project"), and as for those fears about Prometheus being too close to his own project - that opinion changed once he got into a screening of Ridley Scott's divisive film.

"I saw it finally and... yes, there are things in common, but, you know, screw it," del Toro said. "Lovecraft was there first."

Quite right, too. More on Mountains Of Madness's possible revival as we get it.

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Best. News. This week.

Of course Lovecraft came first, but I suppose my question is will people see it that way? Remember how a lot of people thought John Carter was derivative of several other fantasy films (though this may have more to do with Disney's very vague marketing).

If anything, it's kind of similar to both The Thing and Prometheus, and with their fascination with remakes/reboots and reimaginings, Hollywood will hopefully pick it up if presented to the right studio (Lionsgate?) As long as it's marketed right of course (take John Carter as a note of how NOT to market a film),

Nope ................ no .................... not gonna happen again. I will not get my hopes up until the film has wrapped and is in post-prod. Till then ................ not happening.

May I humbly suggest a Hammer Production perhaps?

Binned cos of similarities to Prometheus! Makes my bile rise, what with a multitude of super hero comic adaptions, and re-imaginings, they have the nerve.... Just leave Batman alone and do something new.

Agreed. Ya know i've had John Carter sitting on my shelf from Lovefilm for about 2 months now and just never seem enthused enough to watch it. Worth it or just pop it back in the post?

I thought John Carter was fun. Not without problems, and I can see why people couldn't take it seriously, but I liked it.

I wouldn't worry about comparisons between this movie and Prometheus, when it's far more likely we'll see comparisons between this movie and The Thing.

John Carter Is a very decent film that is flawed. However, I would give it a watch as I think it has been overly criticised by the media due to it failing at the box office. Also, Mark Strong and Dominic West are as enjoyable as ever.

EXACTLY! I have read Mountains of Madness, and its more or less The Thing, and nothing like Prometheus at all....Its about aliens in the ice and snow that attack people...Prometheus is about...erm...a planet that some people go to and...erm...they sit and talk a lot....and look at things...and nothing much happens for hours..erm..what else? Hang on I will remember in a minute...oh yes...Michael Fasbender is in it as an android....and a big bald bloke too.

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