Plans back on for a 24 movie

News Simon Brew
2 Sep 2014 - 06:38

Jack Bauer might just be heading to the big screen after all, after the success of 24: Live Another Day...

Following the successful return of Jack Bauer to the screen in 24: Live Another Day earlier this year, it seems that the long-mooted 24 movie may be back on the cards.

TV Line is reporting that Imagine Entertainment is now "kicking around a new feature idea". At this stage, 20th Century Fox - which would fund and distribute the film - hasn't bitten, and the studio is said to be keen on another miniseries. Whether it prefers that to the film route remains to be seen.

The 24 movie idea has been on and off since season eight of the show came to an end in May 2010. At one stage, a rumoured Die Hard/24 crossover was a possibility. The shape of the current film plan isn't yet known, but we'll keep an eye on the story, and update as we hear more...

TV Line.

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