Guillermo del Toro turned down Star Wars Episode VII

News Ryan Lambie 7 Jan 2013 - 16:29
Guillermo Del Toro - currently a happy man.

Director Guillermo del Toro turned down Star Wars Episode VII, he confirms - and also reveals who he hopes will direct it instead...

Figuring out the identity of the director who will ultimately take on Star Wars Episode VII has become an international pastime in recent months. Numerous big names have been rumoured and dismissed, while others have been attached and then promptly detached - late last year, we heard that JJ Abrams was another A-list director to have turned down the job, reportedly because of his loyalty to Star Trek.

One of those rumoured names was Guillermo del Toro, who's currently putting the final touches to his giant monster movie, Pacific Rim. It turns out that del Toro was indeed offered the job, but was forced to turn the offer of directing Episode VII down due to his existing commitments.

"We got one phone call to my agent saying, 'Is Guillermo interested?'" he told The Playlist. "And basically I have so much stuff already of my own, and I'm pursuing stuff that I'm generating already..."

Apparently, that phone call marked the beginning and end of del Toro's involvement in the Lucasverse. The director did, however, mention who he would like to see in the chair for Episode VII.

"I think the fans deserve somebody that is just going to immerse themselves completely," del Toro said. "As a geek, I would have loved to see Brad Bird take it."

Unfortunately, there's little chance of Bird directing the next Star Wars movie. He's currently busy on his science fiction film 1952 - a project whose secrecy and vague title has led to some speculation that this secretive film is in fact Episode VII. Given that it's said to star George Clooney, was co-written by Damon Lindelof, and is apparently about inventor Nikola Tesla, this seems extremely unlikely.

We'll bring you more Star Wars bits as they float in. 

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Whyyyyyy??? Whaaaa!!!!

Come on, y'all... as geektastic as this sounds, we wouldn't know how that movie would've turned out until we knew the direction in which they were going. BUT... had it been a dark turn for the Star Wars saga, Del Toro could've pulled it off. Easily.

Edgar Wright.

Uwe Boll.

M Night Shyamalan!

Michael Bay!


You know...I am re assessing this whole thing at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I managed to download the original Starwars Trilogy -DESPECIALIZED editons. I own them on VHS and DVD so I could not see any harm in it. They are taken from Laserdisk and have been cleaned up a lot, BUT they are the only original editions of the film as it was first made that you can get anywhere. And I was amazed at how dated they look now. The first film especially. The effects while groundbreaking in 1977 now look very very tired. So I went back to the special editions, and despite the changes they look better. Many of the changes should not have been done, Han shoots first should have stayed, and Jabba looks crap, and the missing music from the Deathstar battle should be put back in, but otherwise its ok, sad to say a lot better to look at than the original, and it just shows up the reason why Luca$ did it. Trouble is he took it too far. So now I just watch the new version, and fast forward Jabba and pretend thats not there, and that Han shoots first. So what we need as a director for the new versions, is someone who was around to watch the original trilogy at the time maybe....hmmmm. I dont know here are a few names - Peter Jackson? Lord of the Starwars....Quentin Tarantino? Lol.... that would be funny...Had would have shot first in that one, and second , third, fourth and..last! How about Ridley Scott? Who knows...if its an unknown name then it may be pants...then again maybe not. Cant think why Guillermo del Toro turned it down...its not like he has had any major epic hit films lately...some good ones true but nothing big...Its a question and no mistake....

Mike Leigh

Mike Oxsore

Certainly for the initial installment, as things take a darker turn maybe give Ken Loach a go. And Ben Wheatley has form for genre (bending) films.

Jessica Ennis.

Is ANYONE going to direct this film? My excitement is beginning to wane.

There is nothing in the Star Wars universe that fits with GDT interests. Plus, with Prometheus' misstep he may be looking at Mountains of Madness again and I'd rather see him happier in his sandbox than trying to pick the turds out of someone else's.

Brett Ratner?

Defo! And Matthew Vaughn for VIII

I think Luc Besson would be a fantastic choice for Star Wars - he great at creating gritty atmospheric environments set in the future and I think a darker Star Wars is what we need to erase Episodes I, II, and III from our minds.

David Lynch

Or Terry Gilliam

Or Cronenberg, long live the new flesh

Sofia Coppola!

Ken Loach? If you want a 'Star Wars' film extolling the virtues of the oppressed proletariat and how the evil bourgeois imperial establishment is downtrodden the galactic working class, then by all means... trouble is, it'll only make about $2.50 worldwide like all of that commie's movies!

It seems no-one in Hollywood wants to helm this movie, with the possible exception of Jon Favreau, who's allegedly lobbying for the job like a demon behind the scenes... in which case, give it to him I say, he's motivated, driven, and can make a fantastic summer blockbuster with the best of them when the script is solid and there's no interference from the studio!

Haha, nice summation of Loach there (I was only joking about him, although 'kitchen-sink' Star Wars is something I would pay to see). In his defense, I'm sure the $2.50 it made would be fairly disseminated among The People.
Good shout on Favreau, he's always been a likeable screen presence,but I've thought for a long time that his behind-the-camera talents tended to get overlooked a bit.

How about Alfonso Cuaron, the chap who directed the 3rd Harry Potter film? Fantastic eye, great visual flair and the 3rd Potter film is deffo the best of the series. I think he would be a great choice.

Only if you want it to go over budget by 200% and come in 5 years late. As much as I love Gilliam, he'd be more suited to the Alien franchise than Star Wars.

Good left field suggestion. :)

George Lucas!

Now you are being silly.

Werner Herzog

Del Toro prefers to work on projects where he can create and design. Would Del Toro's style fit with Star Wars? Probably not. Brad Bird and Alfonso Cuaron would be my choices.

Yes thats true about Del Toro. But one of the things StarWars badly needs, is a Wrath of Khan style change of direction. It needs a new take on it, the same, but different. Especially after the prequels, we dont want that sort of nonsense again.....

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